Our first trip was down to lower Manhattan, to a zine exhibit being held at the center for book arts, and to the Rubin Museum. I really enjoyed my time there, so much that I zoned out while I was taking in everything that was there. Many pieces were really captivating to me not only because of their content, but of the diversity that sat in that room. We were given a small “tour” and learned a bit about printing and type, I found that whole process really great, much better and personal than modern print (but i still would choose modern over old fashioned any day!). At the museum, we took a look at the Francesco Clemente installation. It was a collaboration of his works throughout the 80’s up to now, based on his experiences in India. I was drawn to the piece called “Hunger”. It depicted a common man taking a bite out of the serpent eating its own tail, or the Ouroborus. It shows a cycle of life, a rebirth if you will. It meant to me that the beliefs in India were those of reincarnation and man’s “hunger” to pursue that. I wrote a few pages about it in my sketchbook.

Caught my eye.


This work in particular really grabbed my attention at the center for book arts as I browsed through it. The authors remark at the bottom was one that to me signaled a relationship between the reader and author, one of the author being completely comfortable being themselves to the reader. I thought that this level of honesty and lack of censorship is what I’d be comfortable with.

I do hope one for one project we will in turn, create our own zines and mass produce them for our classmates and even the school if we feel like it. I had a good time.

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