project2 part 2


The first picture show the attachment that Denver and Sethe have had all along. I considered this picture very smothering attached by the hip and very fearful mothering. The Second picture was from the beginning of the book when Paul D came back into Sethe life. I consider this picture welcoming from an old friend.
As a part of my pivotal scene the book shows how shyness and unhappiness that was boiled up inside Denver. When Paul D wonder upon Sethe house and came in for something to eat. He then notice that something was wrong in the house he felt there was evil.
As he settle in and having a few short words with Denver answering brief. She broke down how unhappy she is, how she wants to move on, she felt trapped and how the house is haunted, how no one comes to visit. “But Denver was shaking now and sobbing so she could not speak”. The tears she had not Shed for nine years wetting her far too womanly breasts. I can’t no more I can’t no more”(17). This quotation shows how long she been feeling this way and it’s now coming out in painful tears.



My Name is Jacqueline Etienne from Brooklyn, New York. This is my last semester at New York City Tech. I received my Associate degree from BMCC in 2012 in Human Services. I’m  currently getting my Bachelors degree in Human Services, I’m also the Vice President of the Human Services Club. I plan to go to Graduate school to become a Social Worker. I have two schools in mind Yeshiva and Hunter.  I’m interested in becoming a clinical Social Worker working with mental health patie

Since a young age I alway believed in giving back and helping people, I feel like that’s my purpose her on earth.  My family on the other hand are shock with my career choice. My Grandfather a doctor, my grandmother a nurse, and so is mother. The pressure was heavy for me to be in the medical field when I couldn’t even watch the sight of blood. I stayed on my own journey. My First internship at City Tech was Woodhull Hospital with Mobile Crisis. The experience with the clients were great but supervisor not so much. I recently finished my internship at (ACS) Administration of Children Services which i truly enjoyed I gain so much experience from being there over the past 5 months. I’ve with with children ages 3 month to 10 years of age and I’ve worked with young adults no Rikers Island.

In this day and time I feel there’s  a big humanity and my role has Social Worker ca benefit in this World. I’m shy in the beginning, until I get comfortable then I voice and express a lot. I’m very outgoing and I’m also a people person, respect is very important to me.Theirs an amazing little person in my life and her name is Isabel. My amazing three year old daughter. She’s the reason why I’m so determine on furthering my education. My focus is alway be a great example to her, and show her she can achieve the same or better. In the middle of being a mother, wife, student, and working I enjoy going to the movies. I enjoy a great novel when I do have time. I’m very much a hands on person o I enjoy arts and craft with my daughter and also cooking with her. This is a little insight on the life of Jacqueline.