project2 part 2


The first picture show the attachment that Denver and Sethe have had all along. I considered this picture very smothering attached by the hip and very fearful mothering. The Second picture was from the beginning of the book when Paul D came back into Sethe life. I consider this picture welcoming from an old friend.
As a part of my pivotal scene the book shows how shyness and unhappiness that was boiled up inside Denver. When Paul D wonder upon Sethe house and came in for something to eat. He then notice that something was wrong in the house he felt there was evil.
As he settle in and having a few short words with Denver answering brief. She broke down how unhappy she is, how she wants to move on, she felt trapped and how the house is haunted, how no one comes to visit. “But Denver was shaking now and sobbing so she could not speak”. The tears she had not Shed for nine years wetting her far too womanly breasts. I can’t no more I can’t no more”(17). This quotation shows how long she been feeling this way and it’s now coming out in painful tears.

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