Salsify (n) : a European biennial composite herb (Tragopogon porrifolius) with a long fusiform edible root —called also oyster plant, vegetable oyster

definition from Merriam Webster




From Beloved by Toni Morrison (page 27, 3rd line)

She who had never had one but this one; she who left a dirt floor to come to this one; she who had to bring a fistful of salsify into Mrs. Garner’s kitchen every day just to be able to work in it, feel like some part of it was hers, because she wanted to love the work she did, to take the ugly out of it, and the only way she could feel at home on Sweet Home was if she picked some pretty growing thing and took it with her.

Paul D thought the 124 house is not important or a big deal, but the house is the only thing that she owned. When she was at Sweet Home, she had to take salsify flowers into Mrs. Garner’s kitchen just to make it feel like her house.

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