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Glossary writeup assignment

1. macabre

2. scruples

3. atrocious

4. astonishing

5. reckon

6. salsify

7. glen

8. chastise

9. doggone

10. carmine

11. ravenous

12. annihilated

13. barged

14. regalia

15. contemplated

16. atheist


This assignment was really helpful and effective to me especially because I don’t really try to learn deeply about some glossary that I don’t know the definition even though I don’t know most of the vocabularies in a literature. To be honest, it is very hard for me to finish reading a novel that is written in English because there are too many of vocabularies that I do not know the meaning and I have to give up reading it. If I had to, I would search the meaning of every words that I don’t know to finish a book, but it takes hours to understand a couple of pages. So when I first started doing the assignment, I did not know what to do because there were already more than 15 words that I don’t know the meaning in the first two readings. I had to have my laptop right in front of me to read the fictions we had. It took longer time to finish reading than the time other people might took, but I had to look for the meaning of number of vocabularies. However I would forget most of the definitions I found, except for the ones that I posted on our course site. Also I tried hard to find most difficult vocabularies out of the ones that I do not know, (because there were too many that I don’t know) so it was harder for me to do the assignment. I didn’t want to use any words that I found for the assignment. To be honest, this assignment was harder than I thought in the beginning, but it was very useful because I remember most of the vocabularies that I posted online.


Atheist (n) : A person who believes that God does not exist

Definition from Merriam-Webster (

From What You Pawn I Will Redeem by Sherman Alexie (in the part of 6a.m)

“I believe you’ll take my money and get drunk on it.”

“Then why are you giving it to me?”

“There ain’t no such thing as a atheist cop.”

Officer William gave 30 dollars to Jackson Jackson, even though he knew that Jackson would spend the money on drinking, because he is not a person who believes that God does not exist.


contemplate (v): to think deeply or carefully about (something)

Definition from Merriam-Webster (

From What You Pawn I Will Redeem by Sherman Alexie (In the part of 6a.m)

He thought about that for a while. He contemplated it. I liked that about him.

When Jackson asked Officer Williams if it is scary being a cop, Officer Williams thought deeply and carefully about that question.











Regalia (n) – special clothes and decorations (such as a crwon or scepter) for official ceremonies

Definition from Merriam-Webster (

From What You Pawn I Will Redeem by Sherman Alexie (Paragraph 6)

But the strangest thing of all was the old Powwow-dance regalia I saw hanging in the window.

As Jackson walked by the pawnshop that he had never saw before, it was strange because he saw an old Powwow-dance clothing hanging in the window and it was his grandmother’s regalia





barge (v) : to move or push in a fast, awkward and often rude way

Definition from Merriam-Webster (

From The Shawl by Louise Erdrich (Paragraph 9)

The kind where, when he came home, we’d jump out the window and hide in the woods while he barged around, shouting for us.

After the mother died, the father became alcoholic and came home drunk. And every time he came home drunk, the kids jumped out the window to hide in the woods, avoiding their father, and the father moved around and looked for the kids.


Annihilate (v) : to destroy (someone or something) completely

Definition from Merriam-Webster (

From The Shawl by Cynthia Ozick (paragraph 5)

They were in a place without pity, all pity was annihilated in Rosa, she looked at Stella’s bones without pity.

There were no pity in the place (in the situation). Rosa thinks all pity was completely destroyed because it no longer exist in the place.


carmine (noun) – a vivid red

definition from Merriam-Webster (

From Beloved by Toni Morrison (page 94)

I’m a get to Boston and get myself some velvet. Carmine. You don’t even know about that, do you?

Amy tells Sethe that she is going to Boston to get some velvet, and the color of it is carmine, which is purplish-red.


99001C carmine


doggone (verb) is an expression used as a more polite form of damn

Definition from Merriam-Webster (

From Beloved by Toni Morrison ( page 94)

Sleeping with the sun in your face is the best old feeling. Two times I did it. Once when I was little. Didn’t nobody bother me then. Next time, in back of the wagon, it happened again and doggone if the chickens didn’t get loose.

Amy talks about taking a nap and how it feels. she says sleeping under the sun is the best feeling and she did it twice – once when she was young and the other time in the wagon. She says doggone if the chickens didn’t get loose in the back of the wagon she would have been able to sleep more under the sun.


chastise ( verb) : to criticize (someone) for doing something wrong

definition from Merriam-Webster (

From Beloved by Toni Morrison (page 101)

It was time to lay it all down. Before Paul D came and sat on her porch steps, words whispered in the keeping room had kept her going. Helped her endure the chastising ghost; refurbished the baby faces of Howard and Buglar and kept them whole in the world because in her dreams she saw only their parts in trees; and kept her husband shadowy but there-somewhere.

Before Paul D came to her house and talked about her husband Halle by the butter press, she was able to handle all other difficulties in her life even enduring the chastising baby ghost. The ghost (the daughter’s spirit) was punishing Sethe because she killed her.