Palsied (adjective) – paralyzed; unable to move or control certain muscles.

The vocabulary word was written in chapter one of “Beloved” by Toni Morrison.

“Not only did she have to live out her years in a house palsied by the baby’s fury at having its throat cut, but those ten minutes she spent pressed up against dawn-colored stone studded with star chips, her knees wide open as the grave, were longer than life, more alive, more pulsating than the baby blood that soaked her fingers like oil.”

After searching for the definitions of this word, I am able to get a better understanding of this statement. Sethe became paralyzed due to her baby having her throat cut, this played a major affect in her life which can be traumatizing. After Sethe seeing this action play out right in front f her eyes, it changed her body momentum by giving her a dramatic effect to her health such as her heart racing.


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