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Extra Credit: Open Lab Workshop

After visiting the open lab workshop, I learned many things on why this website is very helpful to all students in a remarkable way. When you create open lab, it’s not only used for school and posting your assignments for class. This website can be used for personal reason such as for your career. When you are seeking for a job, there are times your manager or boss will Google search your name to figure out what kind of person you are. However, there’s a chance your name may or may not pop up as most frequently used on search on google. If so, you are able to control what is displayed on the internet, on what you would like other viewers to see. One thing with this website you are able to express what you would want to be shown when someone Google’s your name.

You are able create your own e-Portfolio for free. You can customize it to your own liking, which shows your creativity and represents the kind of person you are. Therefore, someone such as a manager Google’s your name something professional such as an e-Portfolio can pop up when they find you. This would show that you took the time and effort to make yourself stand out from everyone else to show you are different. Because you control what is being seen on the web, you are able to show your resume, achievements you have done in life and so much more. This also shows that you are familiar with technology which is another skill. With open lab, you are able to open up many opportunities for yourself.

In this workshop, I was able to get a better understanding of this WordPress open lab. However, I did wish to learn if there was a way to add a slideshow to text when you write a post. I never knew how many things you were able to do with this website and there are many other things that I forgot to mention, however this is what stand out to me the most when I had visited. I definitely see myself using open lab in the future to benefit myself.

Vocabulary Words
















My Reflection

The glossary assignment has affected my reading process in a tremendous way. I found myself always stopping to look up words whenever I am unfamiliar with the word. There were times I would just pass over the word without looking up the definition. When I usually come across a word I don’t know, I would first look for context clues to see if I can get an idea of what the word might mean. This allows me to use logical thinking. Another thing I have noticed is that when I discover a new word, I try or sometimes catch myself using it in my vocabulary. Sometimes I may not know how to word it correctly in a sentence, but I noticed I am able to think of the word when it comes to using it in a situation such as my papers.  The glossary that was written every week between myself and the other students was very helpful. There were plenty of times I did not know a word another student did not know and I was able to learn the meaning from them. This also allowed me to look up classmates words that I did not know in order for us as a class to learn new word because I did not want to re-post the same exact word as them. In addition, there could have been times there were words we may have miss while reading another classmate might not know, and we were able to check the glossary as a guide. Overall, I feel this was a great tool we used online to build our vocabulary.



bad-tempered and sulky; gloomy

This vocabulary word was written in “The Shawl” by Louis Erdrich.

Her name was Aanakwad, which means cloud, and like a cloud she was changeable. She was moody and sullen one moment, her lower lip jutting and her eyes flashing, filled with storms.

This sentence is describing how Aanakwad felt and what type of person she is. The narrator was introducing this character to us as readers. One of word was sullen which I learned it means to be upsetting and ill humor, they may keep to themselves and have dark gray days.

Source: Google search engine “sullen”

Cover Letter

In the first part of the project, I am most proud of putting my work together and explaining why certain things may have happened in the novel due to Beloved’s return and behavior. However, I felt that I was stuck many times while working on this project. At first I couldn’t figure out what scenes had a large impact in the book. After figuring out which scene I wanted to use, the most challenging part was expressing myself by interpreting and analyzing the quote in order for others to understand.

In the second part of the project, I was proud that I was able to connect my major by making an html file to show my creativity. I was able to make a connection between my literature and computer programming class. However, this was a challenging part for me too because I struggled when it came to figuring how to relate the two. The most struggling part of it all was trying to make my slideshow work on open lab. Due to this, I was unable to play or use my slideshow for the project. I also felt that my idea on creating an image was not clever or inventive. Unfortunately, I had to create a new image which was a collage of things that I thought described the novel Beloved.

The new skills I have or tools I acquired through this project is breaking down a quote into steps to explain it. I have not mastered this technique yet but I am striving to become better at it. I also learned that there is always a way to relate one area of study to another area, for example using my major to create an idea for my project. If I was able to change any part of my project it would be my collage, I felt that if I had more time, I would have a better inspiring photo and maybe figured out how to use a slideshow in WordPress.

One thing I have learned in programming is that there’s always a way do something because there is always a loophole. If I could change any part of Project #2 assignment, it would be part 2 because I have struggled the most in that part where I had the most difficulties. I would probably want to write a continuation to what I think what could’ve happened in the novel or answering the unanswered questions that were left in the book. I noticed for myself that when I write, I become a better writer and when I stop writing, I start to slack off because writing is my Achilles heel. I sometimes struggle about what I want to say and become unable to properly express my feelings.



the emblems or insignia of royalty, especially the crown, scepter, and other ornaments used at a coronation.
  • the distinctive clothing worn and ornaments carried at formal occasions as an indication of status.

But the strangest thing of all was the old powwow-dance regalia I saw hanging in the window…“That’s my grandmother’s regalia,” I said to Rose of Sharon and Junior….But it sure looked like my memory of it, and it had all the same color feathers and beads that my family sewed into our powwow regalia.

After first being expose to this word, I was not too sure what the narrator was talking about. However, I have figure it was a special item or cloth material after I kept on reading when the narrator said it belong to his grandmother. As known, it is a special type of gown, that can be decorated with beads, feather and embellishments for whom represents royalty.

Source: Google search engine “Regalia”

Part 2


Shanice Williams | Literature Fiction | ENG 2001


Written by: Toni Morrison



This image is a collage of things that happened in Beloved. I searched many words that I thought explain the novel in a power way. (Separated, New Beginning, Pain and Suffering, Lost, Freedom, Scared/Beaten Slaves, Strength and Majority) When looking at each photo you can imagine a scene that has been taken place in the novel. Paul D and Sethe represents how close they have become in the beginning before Beloved came into the picture trying to destroy Paul D and Sethe's relationship, according to Paul D, when he tries to tell Sethe, Beloved fixed him. (P.72. PDF) However, Paul D was not man enough to tell Sethe the truth.
Sethe with both of her girls Beloved and Denver represents Sethe having her family back again. When Sethe have lost Beloved when she killed her as baby to keep her from the harm of slavery. It was as though she lost herself too, wanted to lay in the grave with Beloved on what she had cause (Ch.1). She wanted to sacrifice all of her children including herself to the other side to keep the safe. Even though, this was not able to happen, with Beloved return she was able to have another chance. She is able to begin a new life because she was reunited with her daughter Beloved, now having both of her daughters to love for. Although, her sons have ran off many years ago. She's able to create new memories and make up for all the years she have missed. This is a new beginning for Sethe.



(1) a drinking glass with a foot and stem.
(2) a bowl-shaped drinking vessel with no handles.
This vocabulary word was written in “The Shawl” by Cynthia Ozick.

Above the shoulder a helmet glinted. The light tapped the helmet and sparkled it into a goblet. Below the helmet a black body like a domino and a pair o black  boots hurled themselves in the direction of the electrified fence.

After searching the definition foe this word, I realize goblet is a particular cup or glass that you would normally see when using for formal occasions. In the scene, the narrator is describing the man of who he can be. With the description that is given (helmet, black boots) this person may be a solider. The narrator used imagery to show how the light reflected into the glass.


Search engine Google “goblet definition”.


Pulsating (verb) –  to expand and contract rhythmically, as the heart; beat; throb. To vibrate; quiver.

The vocabulary word was written in chapter one of “Beloved” by Toni Morrison.

“Not only did she have to live out her years in a house palsied by the baby’s fury at having its throat cut, but those ten minutes she spent pressed up against dawn-colored stone studded with star chips, her knees wide open as the grave, were longer than life, more alive, more pulsating than the baby blood that soaked her fingers like oil.”

After searching the definition of this word, I am able to get a better understanding of this statement. Sethe became paralyzed due to her baby having her throat cut, this played a major affect in her life which can be traumatizing. After Sethe seeing this action play out right in front f her eyes, it changed her body momentum by giving her a dramatic effect to her health such as her heart racing.



Inharmonious (adj)-  not harmonious

Harmonious (adj)- forming a pleasantly consistent whole

This was written in the “The Yellow Wall-Paper”. P61

“The furniture in this room is no worse than inharmonious, however, for we had to bring all from downstairs. I suppose when this was used as a playroom they has to take the nursery things out, and no wonder! I never saw such ravages as the children have made here.”

The narrator is describing how the furniture in the room does not look pleasant, to be in used. She assumes that the children who were her before is the reason why the furniture may look this way. Due to the major damage, she thought it may be a playroom which can mean there was a lot ramping and action going on in the room.


(2) Source: