In the Spotlight Archive: Fall 2013

Below you’ll find an archive of the sites we’ve featured in the spotlight section of the OpenLab homepage during the fall 2013 semester.

December 30: Ins and Outs of Physical Computing

Students did excellent work on their final projects for Damon Baker’s course. Watch videos of the projects in action, and read students’ reflections!




December 18: Custom & Aesthetically Pleasing Carpentry

Josel De la Cruz’s carpentry design blog features reviews, slideshows, and tutorials. We love seeing so many great student projects on the OpenLab!




December 9: Phototype

Ryan Melendez’s design blog, created in Jennifer Sears’s writing course, includes reviews, tutorials, photos, ASCII art and more. Take a look!




December 2: Jill Bouratoglou’s Portfolio

We have a growing number of faculty Portfolios on the OpenLab, in addition to student ePortfolios. Check out Jill Bouratoglou’s beautiful work!



November 18: GRA 2330, Digital Photography

Robin Michals’s students are posting and reflecting on some great photos from a recent session called “Painting with Light.” Take a look!




November 11: History of Photography

Is a selfie is art? Sandra Cheng’s students are considering this question and others on their course site. What do you think?




November 3: What is Vaudeville? The Brooklyn Experience

Students in Peter Catapano’s US History course have been doing archival research at the Brooklyn Historical Society on Brooklyn’s vaudeville theaters.



October 28: Wines of the New World

Karen Goodlad’s students have written reflections on their trip to Red Hook Winery where they crafted their own blends. We wish we could sample them!




October 21: Introduction to Food & Beverage Management

Check out students’ posts on the theme “Where I’m From, We Eat,” inspired by Willie Perdomo’s poem “Where I’m From.”




October 7: Ins and Outs of Physical Computing

Damon Baker’s course site is full of activity, including lots of writing, media, and student interaction.  And, robots, of course!




September 30: The Composition of Happiness

Jill Belli’s ENG 1101 course not only is a fine model of a robust course, it has resources for all courses, and a happiness archive!




August 21: Hospitality Garden

The Hospitality Garden has been busy growing all summer in its new location! Check out the site to see updates, photos, events, or get directions.

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