Final Evaluation — Darren Parvatan

Coming into this class I was used to taking photo’s with my phone. After the experiences we had in this class though, I was really able to see the true difference in professional photography. I gained much respect than what I had previously for photographer’s as a whole. I’ve always loved and appreciated art but now I’m able to look even deeper into photo’s than I was before if that’s possible.

Of the many things I’ve learned, three main concepts would have to be the basics of using a camera, different lightings and color profiles. Besides turning on a camera and just taking a photo, I never knew of the different settings and what exactly they had an effect on. These include ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed etc. Learning the functions of all of these really helped me understand what setting is best for what photo I am planning to take. As for the lightings, low-key, high-key, backlights and sidelights were the main ones I took in. My favorite would have to be between low-key to bring out shadows or the backlight to display a silhouette type of picture. Lastly, color profiles was very important as it takes the photo process even deeper as you could edit the photo through bridge and enhance the look and quality to its peak.

I really enjoyed this class more than I thought I would coming into it. There is much more to photography than just taking photo’s which I knew at first but now I experienced the true beauty of it first hand. Thank you Professor Michals for a great semester and for all you taught me.

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LL6 Bria King

julissa (1 of 1)

I love this photograph because the lighting is falling directly onto the right side of her face. It creates a very dark shadow on the rest of her face. The expression on her face makes the photograph so much interesting. She sets the mood and tone for this photo. It looks so deep and passionate.

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LL7 Painting With Light. Bria King


I chose this photograph because the model interacted with the photographer by creating a pose thats engaging. The eye contact was good and the lighting. Its hard to pose for something that you aren’t really holding. For this shoot we really had to use our imagination to our benefit. And for the model to have his hands in the correct position was outstanding.

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Final Evaluation

I started this class only knowing how to turn my dslr on – to knowing that I can effectively use concepts without thinking twice. I now love to experiment with different angles, types of lighting and even the subject matter.

I’ve learned so many different things, but to highlight some:

One important concept is shutter speed, I especially loved experimenting with water. I also cannot forget that it should never be under 1/60 if you are shooting handheld.

Another important concept was using the rule of thirds. I had never heard of it before this class, so the fact that I now take into account weather or not I want my photograph to use the rule of thirds has made my experience more successful.

One last concept was using the aperture to control the depth of field. I love experimenting with both shallow and extensive depth of fields. I usually take two photos of the same shot, one with shallow and the other with extensive depth of field. I’ve found that I prefer shooting with extensive dof, because it is a bit more challenging yet rewarding once you get it right.

I plan to continue shooting and take with me the concepts that I’ve learned in class. I’f there’s one thing that I learned the most, it is to keep taking pictures, the more you take, the better you’ll get.

Thanks for an amazing semester Prof. Michaels!


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LL8 Final Evaluation

Some concepts i have learned this semester were:

How to take a photo. i dont mean click a button and wait for the snap to finish. i mean adjusting the iso  figuring out how much light is availabe then raise or lower the iso accordingly. the shutter speed. how log the shutter is opened, allowing more light or less light in… (and not to shoot below 1/60)

One of the most important thing i learned during the class was to just take photos and to shoot in all condidtion, to always carry your camera with you, because the way a photographer gets better is by experimenting learning his style and figuring out his camera.

I also learned to be conscience while taking photos understand what you want in the photo aswell as how the photo can turn out, along with that is just take many photos, 1 ill be good in a photo of 100 assuming the person taking them atleast know some of the basics. I mean that like in order to break the rules one must learn the rules first.

small things ive leanred: more mega pixels does not make a better camera, lens can go either way; Get close to the subject; shoot in raw; spend 2 hours, full your card or drain the batter when shooting.


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3 point lighting .

In this class we learned about 3 point lighting. The key/main light is used to highlight the form of the subject. It is the biggest source of light and is shined onto the person/subject. Using it in various ways help create different shadows on the persons face.

A fill light decreases contrast and adds more details to the dark areas of an image. It shines on the subject from a side angle. It is placed lower than the key light, near the subjects face. It illuminated shaded surfaces.

The back light is placed behind the person. Its purpose is to separate the subject from the background. It adds more depth to the photograph.

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LL2 – Exposure



This photo is the best image i captured that displays the contrast of light and dark. The water is highlighted while the base of the fountain remains in the shadow. The streak of lights extends from the bottom to the top of the image.The water fountain is centered and helps create a nice overall balance to the image. The ISO Was set to 100 and I used an exposure of 1/80.

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LL4 Lighting

I was not present in the class when this exercise was taken place however, from what i noticed from all the other posts, we focused on lighting direction, having a light source from behind from the side and from the front. And how the light can manipulate the feel the subject(flower) is trying to give.

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LL2 Exposure


We Learned about exposure, the balance of light and dark in a photo. The photo above is a great example of light and dark tones ion a subject, the flower is not over exposed or under. I love how most of the middle of the flower is in light and the other half in dark, and its pedals are going back and forth in for the light. i feel like the way the light battles the dark portions of the flower and the leaves around makes for an interesting photo.

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Portrait lighting for mood

julissa (1 of 1) julissa2 (1 of 1)

During this class, we learned how to work with lighting while shooting portraits to create a mood. These were my two most successful photographs. In the first photograph the dim lighting helped create an intensely sad mood. I was also able to capture the subject shedding a couple of tears, which also contributed to the mood. In the second photograph , the background lighting helped separate the subject from the background and gave off a nice glow. We also used a fill light to brighten up her face.


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