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LL6 Bria King

I love this photograph because the lighting is falling directly onto the right side of her face. It creates a very dark shadow on the rest of her face. The expression on her face makes the photograph so much interesting. … Continue reading

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LL7 Painting With Light. Bria King

I chose this photograph because the model interacted with the photographer by creating a pose thats engaging. The eye contact was good and the lighting. Its hard to pose for something that you aren’t really holding. For this shoot we … Continue reading

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Bria King -LL5 PotraitBasics

We used 3-point portrait lighting, background light, the main light, and the reflector. Key or main light is basically the front of your subject. The subject has to be facing the camera in order for the main light to work. … Continue reading

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Lighting Bria King

I chose this photo as my favorite photograph because of the focus on the sun flower. Shallow depth of field is present in this photo as well. The part thats in focus really allows you to see the details in … Continue reading

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LL3-BHS Bria King

The daguerreotype and a digital photograph has a lot of differences. A daguerreotype is printed with negatives. The negatives allow us to see the border created from the film strips. There was no editing done to the daguerreotype. They are taken … Continue reading

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LL 1-Composition Bria K.

I chose this photograph because of the black background against the chair. This is an example of the rule of thirds. The chair has this unique curve at the top of it. I think it makes you think about more … Continue reading

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HW #1 -Photo Description

Eugene Richards has a very unique way of expressing a story through a photograph. The majority of his collections are depressing and inspiring. The photograph that was striking to me is in the “Cocaine True, Cocaine Blue” collection. It’s a … Continue reading

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