Final Evaluation

I started this class only knowing how to turn my dslr on – to knowing that I can effectively use concepts without thinking twice. I now love to experiment with different angles, types of lighting and even the subject matter.

I’ve learned so many different things, but to highlight some:

One important concept is shutter speed, I especially loved experimenting with water. I also cannot forget that it should never be under 1/60 if you are shooting handheld.

Another important concept was using the rule of thirds. I had never heard of it before this class, so the fact that I now take into account weather or not I want my photograph to use the rule of thirds has made my experience more successful.

One last concept was using the aperture to control the depth of field. I love experimenting with both shallow and extensive depth of fields. I usually take two photos of the same shot, one with shallow and the other with extensive depth of field. I’ve found that I prefer shooting with extensive dof, because it is a bit more challenging yet rewarding once you get it right.

I plan to continue shooting and take with me the concepts that I’ve learned in class. I’f there’s one thing that I learned the most, it is to keep taking pictures, the more you take, the better you’ll get.

Thanks for an amazing semester Prof. Michaels!


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