LL8 Final Evaluation

Some concepts i have learned this semester were:

How to take a photo. i dont mean click a button and wait for the snap to finish. i mean adjusting the iso  figuring out how much light is availabe then raise or lower the iso accordingly. the shutter speed. how log the shutter is opened, allowing more light or less light in… (and not to shoot below 1/60)

One of the most important thing i learned during the class was to just take photos and to shoot in all condidtion, to always carry your camera with you, because the way a photographer gets better is by experimenting learning his style and figuring out his camera.

I also learned to be conscience while taking photos understand what you want in the photo aswell as how the photo can turn out, along with that is just take many photos, 1 ill be good in a photo of 100 assuming the person taking them atleast know some of the basics. I mean that like in order to break the rules one must learn the rules first.

small things ive leanred: more mega pixels does not make a better camera, lens can go either way; Get close to the subject; shoot in raw; spend 2 hours, full your card or drain the batter when shooting.


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