Final Evaluation — Darren Parvatan

Coming into this class I was used to taking photo’s with my phone. After the experiences we had in this class though, I was really able to see the true difference in professional photography. I gained much respect than what I had previously for photographer’s as a whole. I’ve always loved and appreciated art but now I’m able to look even deeper into photo’s than I was before if that’s possible.

Of the many things I’ve learned, three main concepts would have to be the basics of using a camera, different lightings and color profiles. Besides turning on a camera and just taking a photo, I never knew of the different settings and what exactly they had an effect on. These include ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed etc. Learning the functions of all of these really helped me understand what setting is best for what photo I am planning to take. As for the lightings, low-key, high-key, backlights and sidelights were the main ones I took in. My favorite would have to be between low-key to bring out shadows or the backlight to display a silhouette type of picture. Lastly, color profiles was very important as it takes the photo process even deeper as you could edit the photo through bridge and enhance the look and quality to its peak.

I really enjoyed this class more than I thought I would coming into it. There is much more to photography than just taking photo’s which I knew at first but now I experienced the true beauty of it first hand. Thank you Professor Michals for a great semester and for all you taught me.

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