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Final Evaluation

I started this class only knowing how to turn my dslr on – to knowing that I can effectively use concepts without thinking twice. I now love to experiment with different angles, types of lighting and even the subject matter. … Continue reading

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Painting with light – Best Photo

  This photograph was taken with a strobe light, two flash lights and a┬áshutter speed of 8ÔÇ│, ISO of 100 and a F-stop of 16. This photograph is my favorite one from the ones we took because of how the … Continue reading

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Portrait Lighting for Mood – Two Best

I chose this first image as one of my best because of the dark mood and extreme contrast. I was able to accomplish this by using side lighting without a reflector. I love the way Jorge seems to fade into … Continue reading

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Portrait Basics – In-class Portrait Shoot

Today we used 3 “lights” to create a standard 3-point portrait lighting. They are the background light, the main light, and the reflector. We began with the main light, also known as the key, by pointing it at our subject … Continue reading

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Lighting Direction – Flower Shoot

This is my favorite image from the flower shoot because is has a very strong silhouette which creates a very interesting negative shape.┬áTo create this effect my group used a back light; this produces a white background which creates a … Continue reading

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Daguerreotype – BHS

During the trip to the Brooklyn Historical Society, I learned about the┬ádaguerreotype and how it completely┬áchanged the experience of both taking and viewing photographs. It wasn’t so long ago that people had to commission a painting to have a portrait … Continue reading

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HW#3: Midterm Project Component ÔÇô Brooklyn Botanical Garden

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Exposure – Brooklyn Botanical Garden

This photograph was my most successful photo from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden that uses the contrast of light and dark. This photograph shows a memorial for 9/11 that surrounds a tree in the park. I used the cast shadows to … Continue reading

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HW#2: 6×6 – Janes Carousel

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Composition – Stool Frame

This photograph was my favorite because of how dynamic it is. It is a close up of the stool taken at an oblique angle. The legs of the stool frame Hery (the photographer) which serves as a frame within a … Continue reading

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