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LL8 Final Evaluation

Some concepts i have learned this semester were: How to take a photo. i dont mean click a button and wait for the snap to finish. i mean adjusting the iso  figuring out how much light is availabe then raise … Continue reading

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LL4 Lighting

I was not present in the class when this exercise was taken place however, from what i noticed from all the other posts, we focused on lighting direction, having a light source from behind from the side and from the … Continue reading

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LL2 Exposure

We Learned about exposure, the balance of light and dark in a photo. The photo above is a great example of light and dark tones ion a subject, the flower is not over exposed or under. I love how most … Continue reading

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2 Best

The photo above uses the optical illusion where objects closer to the camera lens appear larger and disproportionate to those objects further away from the camera lens, along with that his posture helps the photos mood, the style of photo … Continue reading

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Painting With Light Best

This is my personal Best painting with light capture, because i feel like the lights  adds dimensions and a background to a flatter image. the colors match the subjects skin tones, and his interesting posture is as unique as the … Continue reading

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3 Point Lighting

We experimented with lighting, Main or Key light, the Fill light, and the background light. The main light is the largest source of light, the light giving off a shadow. the Fill light is the reflection of the Main light. … Continue reading

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Gallery Report

Irving Penn, On Assignment: This Gallery showcased the work that Irving Penn did for Vogue magazine. His work is interesting, having literal subjects to more artistic objects.  His beginning work was more black and white, but with his later years … Continue reading

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Greenwood Cem.

I enjoyed the history of Photography. Seeing the first type of photos and seeing how they were captured and rendered.  Looking backwards in time gave me a new perspective, because modern day we can capture a scene with an unlimited … Continue reading

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John Bhatia hw1 Re

  John Bhatia Gra 2330 Photo1 Homework 1 Michael Kenna – Winter Morning Michael Kenna captured Gramercy Park during the winter of 2003, he conveniently titled his photograph ‘Winter Morning’. The photos subject, a lone sculpture in Gramercy Park … Continue reading

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I think this was a successful photo because it created a relationship that did not actually exist between the the two objects. The rule of Thirds applies very well. The image was an accident making the final image that much … Continue reading

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