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3 point lighting .

In this class we learned about 3 point lighting. The key/main light is used to highlight the form of the subject. It is the biggest source of light and is shined onto the person/subject. Using it in various ways help create … Continue reading

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LL2 – Exposure

  This photo is the best image i captured that displays the contrast of light and dark. The water is highlighted while the base of the fountain remains in the shadow. The streak of lights extends from the bottom to … Continue reading

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Portrait lighting for mood

During this class, we learned how to work with lighting while shooting portraits to create a mood. These were my two most successful photographs. In the first photograph the dim lighting helped create an intensely sad mood. I was also … Continue reading

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What i learned – Final LL8

I have learned several things in this class about photography that will definitely be useful during throughout my career. I learned a lot of different styles of photography. I learned how using Camera angles and styles can help with telling … Continue reading

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Hw #1

As i was looking through Eugene Richards, “Stepping through the Ashes” (A collection of a series of shots taken after the tragic events that took place on 9/11) One shot stood out the most to me. The photograph displays a … Continue reading

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LL4 – Lighting Direction

This photo was my favorite picture from the lighting direction series. This photo uses side light to highlight the stem of the flowers in a positive light. The lighting gives a nice texture to the stems and leaves as the … Continue reading

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Gallery Review – Crystal Pena

Pace gallery – Irving Penn, On assignment This exhibit showcased Photographer Irving penn’s work over the course of his lifetime. The exhibit consisted largely of his work from his days of working for Vogue magazine. A great amount of this … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Historical Society – Crystal Pena

The daguerreotypes that we learned about today at the Brooklyn Historical Society are very different from the photographs we have taken Over the course of this semester and since the invention of digital cameras. In our photographs today, the subjects are … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Botanical Garden – Crystal Pena

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LL1- Composition

I chose this image because I liked how the chair works with with it’s environment to create a story. It has a nice sense of balance and depth of field, as the chair is more to the back of the … Continue reading

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