Plant Seeds

This week the Garden Club is planting lettuce and herb seeds in the Hospitality Department’s Hydroponic system! You can learn how this incredible indoor system works and be part of a new garden technology.

DATE:  Thursday Sept 23

TIME 12:30 – 2:00

PLACE  Namm 201

All students are welcome

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Club Meeting Thurs Sept 9, 2021

First Meeting of Fall 2021   12:45 Р2:30 Club Hours  Namm 201

We’re Back!

Here is an opportunity too help set up the Club Hydroponic system and meet other students who are interested in planting and growing vegetables and herbs for lab classes in the Hospitality department. It will be fun and challenging to get things growing again!

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So Often

Over and over again members of the Garden Club and the City Tech community step up to the plate and make something wonderful happen.

In October it was plates full of spice cookies and decorated pumpkins. At that party folks from all over the college contributed toward a hydroponic system. That became seed money for the Giving Tuesday campaign which in turn brought in enough money to ensure that hydroponics will happen next semester.

Last week it was platters of student-crafted sweets and savories at the Holiday Party & Fundraiser. Generous contributions from all over City Tech resulted in $400 for the CHIPS holiday meal which is happening on Dec 19.

When people at the college come together, the positive energy puts a smile on everybody’s face.

Plant sale fun in the early spring

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Giving Tuesday

Garden Club members started it by raising $300.00 at the Pumpkin deco Fundraiser!  Now, get this:

The Hospitality Dept has selected Hydroponics at City Tech as the focus for    Giving Tuesday  Our hydroponics system is getting support from the whole college community.

Anyone can contribute to this cool cause.  Pass the word

go to the website:






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Pumpkin CHIPS

Just two weeks ago the Garden Club hosted the first ever Pumpkin Decorating party. We had a full house:  guests came by and enjoyed pumpkin cupcakes, spice cookies, cider and focaccia while they decorated their own pumpkins. It was fantastic to see students from all over the college getting creative with paint, markers and punkins.

And the club raised $300.00 to purchase a hydroponic system for the college!

{Next up: Fundraiser for CHIPS soup kitchen. Stay tuned}

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Club Meetings Thursdays Namm 208 1pm

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Basil & Beans

If you plant them, they will grow….. unless other forces come into play.” –Old Gardener

These wise words were spoken a long time ago by someone very, well… wise. ¬†They apply to the Hospitality garden in most occasions. Last week Justin planted 30 bush bean seeds– the French haricot vert variety– and today we saw that almost every other new sprout ¬†was missing. In place of the bean was a small hole.

Culprit?  Pick one:   A) grackles     B) small children  C) predatory earthworms     D) aliens

Today Justin planted about 20 more seeds. Jacquie and Nick planted lots of basil — three different varieties: ¬†Opal, Genovese, Mostruoso. ¬†If all goes as planned (and it rarely does) then we will have a plethora of basil for demos and ice cream in about 6 weeks. ¬†They also seeded collards and kohlrabi. ¬† Everyone weeded and weeded. ¬†Justin wants to get cocoa husks from Mast Bro.s to use as mulch. ¬†The chocolate maker is just across the road in the Navy Yard, so it would be un-wise to pass up that opportunity.

Next week Friday morning we will be at the garden again. Answers to today’s quiz will be written on the soil surface. ¬†Be there.



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Major & Minor

Sinoia and Justin did major work in the Garden yesterday: massive amounts of new spring weeds that appeared overnight were forcibly removed (actually they got a start long ago, we have not been on top of them.) And then the raised beds were enhanced with bushels of compost and then there was planting: peppers both sweet and hot; tomatoes both large and small and even seeds. Direct sowing tomato outside in NYC is a risky thing. Will they produce fruit in Sept./October as hoped? This is a minor experiment.

In the perennial bed: rosemary, lavender, parsley, tarragon.

Way off at one end ¬†a new mass of flower seeds got their start (we hope): poppies, zinnias, cosmos and something else that this fella can’t remember.

At the last minute, we did up a few mounds of 2 yr olde cantaloupe seed. Another minor experiment.

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So many seedlings!

Today Maen and Dana, (a new garden club member) worked in the sun and wind to transplant about 125 healthy tomato plants into new digs (larger pots). This way they can continue to thrive in the greenhouse.  In a few weeks (May 18) they will be brought back to City Tech to be sold at the Hospitality Garden Club annual plant sale!  (the tomato plants that is, not Maen and Dana.)

It was really a beautiful day up on the roof. Exceptionally bright and breezy. We also watered and fertilized the bok choy that is growing well in the raised beds outside. The whole farm up there is looking good, as are the farmers.

Keep growing, keep giving back,  Maen and Dana.

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Tiny Seeds

It was warm in the greenhouse on Friday. And just enough room for 5 people.

VP Dean, secretary Nick, grunt Henry, and all around hard working Justin planted  nearly 300 pepper and tomato seeds.

Tomato varieties included Indigo Rose, Black Krim, Rutgers, and Roma, Don’t you love the names? ¬†Like craft beers. Peppers were Jalapeno, Black Hungarian, Marconi red and golden, and Cubanelle.

Thankfully these guys all have good eyes b/c otherwise it is hard to see those little seeds. And with a little luck, they will all sprout & grow into strong plants for us to sell at the spring Plant Sale.

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