So many seedlings!

Today Maen and Dana, (a new garden club member) worked in the sun and wind to transplant about 125 healthy tomato plants into new digs (larger pots). This way they can continue to thrive in the greenhouse.  In a few weeks (May 18) they will be brought back to City Tech to be sold at the Hospitality Garden Club annual plant sale!  (the tomato plants that is, not Maen and Dana.)

It was really a beautiful day up on the roof. Exceptionally bright and breezy. We also watered and fertilized the bok choy that is growing well in the raised beds outside. The whole farm up there is looking good, as are the farmers.

Keep growing, keep giving back,  Maen and Dana.

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Tiny Seeds

It was warm in the greenhouse on Friday. And just enough room for 5 people.

VP Dean, secretary Nick, grunt Henry, and all around hard working Justin planted  nearly 300 pepper and tomato seeds.

Tomato varieties included Indigo Rose, Black Krim, Rutgers, and Roma, Don’t you love the names?  Like craft beers. Peppers were Jalapeno, Black Hungarian, Marconi red and golden, and Cubanelle.

Thankfully these guys all have good eyes b/c otherwise it is hard to see those little seeds. And with a little luck, they will all sprout & grow into strong plants for us to sell at the spring Plant Sale.

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Sweet Taste of Basil


Members of the Garden Club will be  serving (and demonstrating) a number of desserts that feature fresh basil from the Garden. 12:45 in Namm 206 Come early for the best choice.

Ice Cream, Cake, cookies!   All are welcome

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“Hot town, summer in the city…

back of my neck gettin dirty and gritty.” -Lovin Spoonful

Thankfully, it does cool off on the roof in the evening. And early mornings are nice up there too.  A good breeze helps, but that same ‘sirocco’ wind has blown the tomato and peeper plants off kilter. Handily, Dah -wei has re-staked them and there has not been significant damage.

The kabocha squash has not fared so well– squash bugs have destroyed much of the plants. (Why do we keep attempting winter squash? Because we had success one year and we always get SOME good ones even if the plant looks like something the cat dragged in.)  Luckily the zucchini is thriving. As are the haricot vert plants. We are waiting to see what the beans are like and if they have a French accent like Caroline and Malika do after their Paris trip.  Just last week they planted cilantro and more zukes and did stupendous weeding.

Caroline Malika and Dah wei will be at the garden again next Thursday or Friday to harvest more cape gooseberries and tomatoes, transplant basil (remember the tiny purple basil that easily gets stepped on)…and do general maintenance. And pick flowers, (but let peppers get color).

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Organic Transplants

 Today Maen and Jimmy transplanted about 100 tomato seedlings into comfortable new pots. It was good work.   They also tasted early radishes from the garden and some cilantro that wintered over. Hard to believe anything so delicate could get through the winter up there.

Speaking of delicate and transplants, it was exhilarating  to taste radishes that Dah Wei planted just a month ago.  We will miss this master of the garden when he graduates.

There are about 100 more pepper, tomato, and zinnia seedlings that need to be transplanted.  Tomorrow at about noon, a few of us are going to head to the garden (from Namm 201) and take care of this.

Please email if you want to help. It is pretty wonderful to see all the spring greens shooting up out of the roof.

Next up:

Harvest greens from the garden May 12 during club hours
Plant sale Thurs May 19 during club hours;  Namm 206 or nearby.


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Radical Radish

Members of the Garden Club did some planting in the greenhouse at the Brooklyn Grange yesterday- three types of tomatoes: German Pink, Brandywine, and Indigo Rose; Red Zinnias; Anaheim Hot Pepper; and Marconi Gold ( a sweet pepper). We have high hopes for these sprouts.

Also, Dah-wei, Amanda, Maen, Jacqueline, Ketek and the old professor cleaned up one of our raised beds; some of us planted radishes out there, where they will get a taste of a late winter storm. Hopes are even higher, here.

If you missed this trip, you cold be part of the next planting session. Perhaps Thursday 3/24. Watch for more details.

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Admin Jennifer


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Tasty Bundles

The college community stepped up in a big way at the Garden Club Feast & Fundraiser. Guests came away from the event with sweet and savory treats, herb bundles from the garden and a satisfied smile.  The club had a great time, lots of laughs, music and lights; plus, they collected an impressive little bundle of donations that will be used to fund the holiday meal at CHIPS a soup kitchen and support network in Park Slope.

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Party Planning

On December 3 the Club is hosting a Holiday Party that will offer festive foods and gifts provided by Club members and will hopefully raise money for C.H.I.P.S. (This is a soup kitchen and support network in Park Slope)

Our next organizational meeting will be Nov 19 at 12:45 in Namm 202.  Be there to help w/ the details for this event.

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Garden Visit this Thursday Oct. 15th!

Want to see where we grow this bounty & more all year long?

Garden Visit this Thursday Oct. 15th!

Join us at Namm 202 12:30 pm as we depart shortly to give new members a tour of the Brooklyn Grange.

Come see how organic foods are sustainably grown in a concrete jungle- this is the future of food.

Basil, Cilantro, Parsley, Arugula, Italian Red Peppers

Basil, Cilantro, Parsley, Arugula, Italian Red Peppers

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