Organic Transplants

 Today Maen and Jimmy transplanted about 100 tomato seedlings into comfortable new pots. It was good work.   They also tasted early radishes from the garden and some cilantro that wintered over. Hard to believe anything so delicate could get through the winter up there.

Speaking of delicate and transplants, it was exhilarating  to taste radishes that Dah Wei planted just a month ago.  We will miss this master of the garden when he graduates.

There are about 100 more pepper, tomato, and zinnia seedlings that need to be transplanted.  Tomorrow at about noon, a few of us are going to head to the garden (from Namm 201) and take care of this.

Please email if you want to help. It is pretty wonderful to see all the spring greens shooting up out of the roof.

Next up:

Harvest greens from the garden May 12 during club hours
Plant sale Thurs May 19 during club hours;  Namm 206 or nearby.


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Radical Radish

Members of the Garden Club did some planting in the greenhouse at the Brooklyn Grange yesterday- three types of tomatoes: German Pink, Brandywine, and Indigo Rose; Red Zinnias; Anaheim Hot Pepper; and Marconi Gold ( a sweet pepper). We have high hopes for these sprouts.

Also, Dah-wei, Amanda, Maen, Jacqueline, Ketek and the old professor cleaned up one of our raised beds; some of us planted radishes out there, where they will get a taste of a late winter storm. Hopes are even higher, here.

If you missed this trip, you cold be part of the next planting session. Perhaps Thursday 3/24. Watch for more details.

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Admin Jennifer


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Tasty Bundles

The college community stepped up in a big way at the Garden Club Feast & Fundraiser. Guests came away from the event with sweet and savory treats, herb bundles from the garden and a satisfied smile.  The club had a great time, lots of laughs, music and lights; plus, they collected an impressive little bundle of donations that will be used to fund the holiday meal at CHIPS a soup kitchen and support network in Park Slope.

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Party Planning

On December 3 the Club is hosting a Holiday Party that will offer festive foods and gifts provided by Club members and will hopefully raise money for C.H.I.P.S. (This is a soup kitchen and support network in Park Slope)

Our next organizational meeting will be Nov 19 at 12:45 in Namm 202.  Be there to help w/ the details for this event.

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Garden Visit this Thursday Oct. 15th!

Want to see where we grow this bounty & more all year long?

Garden Visit this Thursday Oct. 15th!

Join us at Namm 202 12:30 pm as we depart shortly to give new members a tour of the Brooklyn Grange.

Come see how organic foods are sustainably grown in a concrete jungle- this is the future of food.

Basil, Cilantro, Parsley, Arugula, Italian Red Peppers

Basil, Cilantro, Parsley, Arugula, Italian Red Peppers

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Pesto Flavors, Students, Shine On

All you need is freshly harvested basil, parsley, cilantro, and arugula from the Hospitality Garden. (And high quality virgin olive oil, grated parm and garlic.)                                                                                               Of course the expertise of garden club members Caroline, Amanda, and Maen is essential to mix it all together. And we loved having all the students, faculty, & new garden club members that came out to sample Pesto Three Ways.

It was a superb event. Lots of fun and so tasty. Kudos to Jennifer, Jimmy, Tammy & the rest of the clean up crew.  You guys are incredible.    Next meeting and trip to the Garden is Oct 15.  More details to follow.

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Hot nails, lunch pails, energy

In the Brooklyn Navy Yard, under the narrow shadow of a wide cargo ship, in all types of conditions, a couple dozen stalwart builders and architects of Team DURA are constructing a net zero solar house. (Can’t wait till the A.C. gets hooked up.) Hard work, focus, screw guns and planning are evident in the progress they have made this last month.         Go see it.  See their facebook page: Team DURA Solar Decathlon.

A few of the DURA members are in the Hospitality dept and they (along with Garden Club members) are the driving force behind the latest lunch that was delivered to the construction crew today: beef and bean burritos; melon & fruit salad; sage, garlic and kale pasta; iced tea; cookies. Enjoyed in that narrow band of shade btw the house and the river.

Kudos to Felipe, Maen, Dah-wei, Caroline, Brianna, Maggie, & Prof Jaccus. They are an interesting cadre of interdisciplinary students (& faculty) who manage to carve out the time to support this phenomenal Solar Decathlon team.  All players get a shot of energy in the collaborative process.

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We Plant, therefore We Are

Returning from the ASFS conference at Chatham University it is easy to be inspired by the greenery they have on their sustainable campus. Everywhere are beautiful plantings! (and fields of flowers.) Although the Hospitality Garden does not have acres of land available, or the deep pockets that this private university does, we gardeners can plant basil, chard, beans and a few other things Next Thursday July 9 at 4:00 pm. That way, with a little luck, we will have some veg and herb that can go deeply into some of the culinary classes at City Tech this fall.

Contact Prof H. if you plan to meet there:

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Full of Potential

Members of the Garden Club helped with an al fresco lunch on June 18 at the Navy Yard. It was nothing short of superb. Kale and collards from the Hospitality garden, cheese and fruit DONATED  by the garden club, lettuce from the Brooklyn Grange, basil and dill from a local herbalist, and pasta, fruit, bread, vegetables etc from the generous folks in the CLT dept.

Salads and sandwiches and dessert were delivered to the team DURA student construction crew who are building a net zero solar house in the Navy Yard. Creating this amazing house that will be dis-assembled and trucked to CA this fall, is demanding a huge commitment from the Team.

They would love your support. Check em out on facebook: Team DURA solar decathlon

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