Major & Minor

Sinoia and Justin did major work in the Garden yesterday: massive amounts of new spring weeds that appeared overnight were forcibly removed (actually they got a start long ago, we have not been on top of them.) And then the raised beds were enhanced with bushels of compost and then there was planting: peppers both sweet and hot; tomatoes both large and small and even seeds. Direct sowing tomato outside in NYC is a risky thing. Will they produce fruit in Sept./October as hoped? This is a minor experiment.

In the perennial bed: rosemary, lavender, parsley, tarragon.

Way off at one end  a new mass of flower seeds got their start (we hope): poppies, zinnias, cosmos and something else that this fella can’t remember.

At the last minute, we did up a few mounds of 2 yr olde cantaloupe seed. Another minor experiment.

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