Organic Transplants

 Today Maen and Jimmy transplanted about 100 tomato seedlings into comfortable new pots. It was good work.   They also tasted early radishes from the garden and some cilantro that wintered over. Hard to believe anything so delicate could get through the winter up there.

Speaking of delicate and transplants, it was exhilarating  to taste radishes that Dah Wei planted just a month ago.  We will miss this master of the garden when he graduates.

There are about 100 more pepper, tomato, and zinnia seedlings that need to be transplanted.  Tomorrow at about noon, a few of us are going to head to the garden (from Namm 201) and take care of this.

Please email if you want to help. It is pretty wonderful to see all the spring greens shooting up out of the roof.

Next up:

Harvest greens from the garden May 12 during club hours
Plant sale Thurs May 19 during club hours;  Namm 206 or nearby.


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