The Hospitality Garden is a small plot of organic vegetables and flowers that is maintained by students and faculty from NY City College of Technology (City Tech).  It is now located within the high production Brooklyn Grange at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and was created in order to provide students with an opportunity to experience the fun, work, and beauty that comes with growing plants that can be used by culinary and pastry students in the Hospitality department at City Tech.

DIRECTIONS: If you go to google maps and type in “brooklyn navy yard” you get the best view.  The Hospitality Garden is on the roof of Building #3, where the  Brooklyn Grange has an urban farm.
The best way to get there is to enter at Clinton Ave at Flushing Ave — the main entrance.  Security will ask where you are going and perhaps will ask to see i.d. Once in the gate you head s.w. along South Street (parallel to Flushing) –about 2 city blocks–until you get to a large building on your right.  That is the loading dock area for bldg #3!

If you ever have time to go to the garden it is best to do it the first time w/ a garden club member, because it is a little hard to navigate.  That is why on this website, there is a Garden Calendar page that lists dates we will be gardening there. We hope you can experience this garden, so contact mhellermann@citytech.cuny.edu OR  garden club president Shellita Orie: shellitaorie@hotmail.com   if you plan to visit or have questions.

Because the academic year does not exactly coincide with the best time to grow vegetables in the northeast coast of the U.S., we are experimenting with pushing and pulling the plant and harvest dates, moving them outside of the usual seasons, in order to have produce during the spring and fall semesters at college.

Though an old man, I am but a young gardener” – Thomas Jefferson

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