“Hot town, summer in the city…

back of my neck gettin dirty and gritty.” -Lovin Spoonful

Thankfully, it does cool off on the roof in the evening. And early mornings are nice up there too.  A good breeze helps, but that same ‘sirocco’ wind has blown the tomato and peeper plants off kilter. Handily, Dah -wei has re-staked them and there has not been significant damage.

The kabocha squash has not fared so well– squash bugs have destroyed much of the plants. (Why do we keep attempting winter squash? Because we had success one year and we always get SOME good ones even if the plant looks like something the cat dragged in.)  Luckily the zucchini is thriving. As are the haricot vert plants. We are waiting to see what the beans are like and if they have a French accent like Caroline and Malika do after their Paris trip.  Just last week they planted cilantro and more zukes and did stupendous weeding.

Caroline Malika and Dah wei will be at the garden again next Thursday or Friday to harvest more cape gooseberries and tomatoes, transplant basil (remember the tiny purple basil that easily gets stepped on)…and do general maintenance. And pick flowers, (but let peppers get color).

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