Basil & Beans

If you plant them, they will grow….. unless other forces come into play.” –Old Gardener

These wise words were spoken a long time ago by someone very, well… wise.  They apply to the Hospitality garden in most occasions. Last week Justin planted 30 bush bean seeds– the French haricot vert variety– and today we saw that almost every other new sprout  was missing. In place of the bean was a small hole.

Culprit?  Pick one:   A) grackles     B) small children  C) predatory earthworms     D) aliens

Today Justin planted about 20 more seeds. Jacquie and Nick planted lots of basil — three different varieties:  Opal, Genovese, Mostruoso.  If all goes as planned (and it rarely does) then we will have a plethora of basil for demos and ice cream in about 6 weeks.  They also seeded collards and kohlrabi.   Everyone weeded and weeded.  Justin wants to get cocoa husks from Mast Bro.s to use as mulch.  The chocolate maker is just across the road in the Navy Yard, so it would be un-wise to pass up that opportunity.

Next week Friday morning we will be at the garden again. Answers to today’s quiz will be written on the soil surface.  Be there.



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