Dream Career

For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to become an Architect, so I can design houses and buildings. Thinking back I remember that my uncle had introduced architecture to me. He talked about his experiences and projects he has worked on. When I started high school and I met lots of people with different plans and dreams. My dream career went from becoming a teacher, to a doctor, then to a beautician, and a few others that I don’t remember. Towards the end of ninth grade my math teacher assigned us a project where we picked a bridge in NYC and researched it and built it out of wooden dowels. I partnered up with my best friend who was also interested in Architecture. Working with her I learned a lot about architecture, I also learned a lot about the hard work that people put into designing and building the Brooklyn Bridge from our project. That project made my dream of wanting to design structures a lot stronger.

During my first semester of college I was introduced to Zaha Hadid. After lots of research I fell in love with almost all of her work and her journey to becoming an Architect. Whenever I spoke about wanting to study architecture, eyebrows would raise and questions such as “isn’t that mostly a male’s profession?”, were asked. I feel like Zaha Hadid paved a way for females to get into this profession without being judged by their gender because of her great work. NYC may be a great city for opportunities and what not, but I believe it lacks variety. I believe that many of today’s projects and the future projects are mostly modern architecture. I’m very fascinated by Islamic, Baroque, Gothic, Victorian, Classical etc. architecture more than modern architecture. I want to design structures that display both modern and older architecture styles. So, for my dream career I would love to become a designer. 

Dream Career- Madelyn Valenzuela

As a student in high school, I knew I wanted to design and build homes but did not have the knowledge of what that career was. I later found out what architecture entailed and became fascinated with the idea of pursuing it as a career. A few years later, I find myself with only two semesters left until I earn my degree in architectural technology. Along the way, I found a deep interest in sustainability, landscape architecture and conservation of our environment and wildlife. I’ve been trying to find a way to weave these careers into one so that I can use my abilities to help our planet and its inhabitants in the best way possible.

My Dream Job: Marleni Gomez

At almost every point in my life I have had many dreams and desires. That is how ended up in City Tech taking Architectural Technology. It seemed like the best way to start the path to a future I wanted.

I dream to have my own business/firm sooner rather than later in life; to have a company that has the whole package, all in one. I want to work with all those involved in a project, not just the design. I am fascinated by the people, the construction, the legal elements, the management, the entire process. To draw in to a specific job is difficult because I would be happy to to work almost anywhere. There is so much to learn outside of the classroom scenario, that almost any job title would help me further my ultimate dream.

Originally I wanted to be an Architect for the sake of it, but after every semester in this program, I have learned so much more is possible in this career path. My ultimate dream career has been molded and become more clear and yet still so much unknown. I can say for a fact that I do not enjoy the design aspect nearly as much as I enjoy the technical.

Assignment 01 | My Dream Career

Throughout my college education I have been adamant about getting a degree in a major that I would utilize after graduation. I have dibbled and dabbled in a few areas such as Forensic Science and Biology, but eventually lose interest or have come to find out that the major was not what I thought it to be. I knew I needed to be passionate about the major I was studying and would eventually get my degree in. I believe in the saying “Money can not buy happiness” and my goal is to be advertently  passionate and fulfilled with the career of my choosing.

Before attending New York City College of Technology, I was trying to decide whether I should pursue my Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design or Architecture. I went back and forth for a while. I chose to pursue my Bachelor’s degree in Architecture due to the fact that I would learn more while learning how to use some of the same programs that graphic designers use as well. Til this day I am still interested and passionate about Architecture and I’m glad I made the right choice. Later on, I learned that my mother studied Graphic Design when she attended art school in England and my uncle attended Pratt for Architecture after the whole family migrated here from England, but had to withdraw due to financial issues. I thought this was meant to be since I chose this career path without any assistance or a mentor. It’s funny how things work out in life.

My dream career goals are to become a licensed architect who concentrates on sustainability as well as interior design, an artist who showcases in art shows and galleries all over, a real estate agent who sells property on the side and to buy and flip houses. I am currently working on two out of four of these goals and will  continue to strive to meet the rest of them. The ultimate goal is to have a few outlets that supply continuous revenue.

Jennifer Reyes “Dream Career”

When I was in High School I truly never knew what kind of career I wanted. I just knew that I did not want to be someone’s employee at a draining job, working from 8 am to 6 pm schedule. When I started to learn about architecture I saw I interesting, new, creative, and diverse. Little by little I knew that being able to learn all the skill sets from studying an architect major would eventually lead me to clearly find what kind of career I wanted. Including how all these sets of skills could lead me to have my own business and have a creative exciting career.

Well first no I don’t just want to be an architect. I want to build a career first in animation. All those rendering, applying materials playing to see a project that is not yet built but bring it into life through animation. I found it fascinating and it would not be boring because that was the creative side of the job would come in. I would mainly like to work on residential buildings, urban projects, parks, stuff like that reasoning being is because commercial building seems more technical. Have a lot more regulation codes and laws to follow. Even though the residential project still has these regulations, laws, and codes it still not as much.

Another job I would like the have is in an interior design office. That way I learn all the ways an interior designer works, think and finishes their project. Even though it won’t be any different from what I have learned in design class. I know that in an office like this I would learn the reality of how one is supposed to work in the field. Eventually, I want to open an office/ company that works on interior design renovation and a whole other construction company which I know is a whole other certification I might need. So, I don’t think I have one specific career I have multiple but I believe they all work with each other.

ARCH 4861 Spring 2020

My dream career will be to find a job that relates to my major field. For  instance, it should be about design, drawing, model making, construction, acoustic and lighting, spaces, visual programs or landscaping. I’m willing to have a job that will allow me to learn and enjoy it at the same time. A workplace where the environment could be  very positive full of good vibes. It also makes me feel if I was home, where people treat each other as if they were their family members. I want a job that could help me grow as a person. Since I want to expand my levels as an architect.

In order to be able to accomplish my dream career I need to keep studying hard and do my best in school. So that I can graduate and get a Diploma. After graduating from college, I’m willing to find an internship job to gain experiences in the architecture field. Then, get my architect license. I’m planning to get a master degree in design or educational architecture. Probably, if i go for the MA in educational architecture, I will see if I can also get a PHD in architecture.  I know that while I’m preparing myself I will find many jobs, but not my dream which I believe will be when I completely finish with school. In the meantime, the jobs i get during the process to get my dream job, I will work as good as i can to make my job environment to be as dream it to be. Until I get my dream job.

Xhulja Ponari_My Dream Career

At a very young age I expressed my interest towards visual arts and especially towards the process of drawing. Now, I feel like that was the sign for me to start studying architecture. Putting things together, creating and using a graphic language gives me joy and motivates me to be more innovative. I am not sure if I would be able to define my dream career, but I know for a fact that following my passion for building design and being a sensitive architect will make my dream career become true.

Our personalities and professional careers are most of the time married together and have a really close relationship. I grew up in a different country than USA where opportunities for education, jobs, or general development were a privilege, so I developed a strong work ethic that still helps me to be recognized and appreciated.

My dream career is related with the architecture major for sure, but that does not mean being an architect necessarily. My goal is to set new standards on the field that will eventually be my future career. I think it is really important to be focused on a special aspect of the wide range of architecture (e.g. even if you are just a drafter, make sure to be focused and be the best drafter). On my opinion, this would be archived with hard work, determination, and the most important part is learning from your mistakes. My aspiration is to be bold and not afraid to fail.


Zhenhao’s Dream Career 

Arch 4861

Professor: Barbara Smith Mishara

      It was a rainy morning, I was on the way to an interview for National Portfolio Day. I walked alone on the street Trees were swinging their arms while the trees showed its power. The world was gloomy and humid. At the same time, rains were brutally stabbing on my uncovered skin. I felt cold and trembling to hold my drawings. There were f water collar paintings in my bag, I put those in two plastic bags and tightly held in front of my chest. It was cold, I could not feel the wind blowing on my face anymore as I was anesthetized. I always believe knowledge can change destiny. I was born in a warm family, in our generation, every step is arranged by the original track. Unlike our lovely elders, all my brothers, sisters, and cousins have all received college education. We are like formatting tools form a part of today’s vast society. 

  I was an art student before, that experience gave me a lot of unique ideas and feelings about aesthetics. Before I had the opportunity to enter a university, I have systematically studied art for 14 years. During High school, the after school dream catcher program became my rarely happy hour. Then I was fortunate to be accepted and became a member of the Cooper Union Saturday Portfolio program. The first time, I knew about architecture and corroborated with architecture students to work on our portfolio.

   There are not too many chances in front of a nuclear formating society. The most rebellious thing I did was come to America. I don’t know the road ahead. But, one of my brothers has an example, who is an architect working in a real estate company called YHIA(炎黄国际http://www.yhia.com.cn/team/ projects: http://www.yhia.com.cn/project) as a design director in China. He is so much better than me. Basically, I will continue my studies and work till I become an AIA registered license architect. 

  For 3 years of college experience, I am still not defeated by complicated tasks. Instead, I found the most precious thing in my life, which is critical thinking and thinking independently. Now, the problem seems still to be endless. However, I enjoyed the process of solving the overcome problems. After suffering those problems, I gradually have the motivation to solve problems and continue learning. Time is limited, but I will still do my best to implement my infinity ideas. Indeed, creativity is my biggest resource. For a limited time, I want to make more sense for myself and this society.   Wherever I go, I always want to contribute my ideas and I hope to make more value for myself and others. During this process, I will always keep an eye to observate, to study and to experience, whether the environment is being forward or backward. I will focus on the next ten years and then make the decision. As my grandmother said: “be prepared to welcome the future.” I WILL FIND MY STRENGTH AND AIM THE MARKET TO BECOME A SCARCE RESOURCE IN SOCIETY. 

Submitted by Zhenhao Huang

February 3rd, 2020 


Dream Career

Ever since I was in middle school, I have always loved to draw and create things to the point I even started to get involved with the school’s theater club and worked on making sketches to create there sets for their plays. Then when I got to high school, I took an art class that thought me many things from working with paint to clay modeling and crochet, I love that class. Finally made it out of high school and had to decide what was going to be my career move, it got serious! So, I thought to myself what I want to do with my life, I loved art, so I knew I wanted to do something with in that field and then found Architecture.

Architecture is a field that includes everything I love doing, especially because it evolves creating  or remodeling things. Throughout my four years studying architecture I have learn a lot, I have not only acquire knowledge about the profession itself but also life lessons, like when the professor crush your spirit because they know can create something better learn that one in Design 2, It was a very good class. But this happens a lot but now to the main question “What’s my dream job?”.

My dream is to work for an architecture or construction firm where I can learn and work on different projects from residential to commercial to even do some interior design and stage design if possible, I want to work for a company where there is opportunity for growth and a sense of unity with in its staff, where employs help each other out and teach each other things, instead of always just been a competition about who’s better at doing things. I would like to have a decent salary that is enough to cover my living expenses and also have some savings and job that offers benefits besides from a good salary, such as health insurance, etc. I would also like to branch out at some point of my life an explore construction management. In other words, my dream job would be to work for an office where I’m able to do and learn a little bit of everything in the architecture world from designing, drafting to seeing how the projects are being constructed. That would be my dream job.

My Dream Career!

As a young child, I have always been intrigued with space, it’s function and the general structure that is associated with it. Growing up among two other siblings, I was the rare child that found satisfaction with cleaning up our rooms, or the general house. It was an  opportunity for me to make a unilateral decision about how the spaces that we occupied should look. Though my power was limited regarding the use of the spaces, I took it to my advantage to rearrange and orient the furniture, and hoped my parents would appreciate it.

As I advanced over the years in my education and self growth, it  became clear that Architecture, Interior Designing and Development is truly what I’m passionate about.  And after some thoroughly research and advisement from mentors, it is clear that a big demanding city that continues to grow like NYC will be the ideal place to practice and/or perform my career duties. As mentioned by my colleague Fernando; “you are likely to succeed with in theses areas if skill sets such as communication, time management work ethic and optimism is mastered.”  I have worked to hone these skills of over the years studying architecture.

I plan to polish these skills more as I further my education in Grad. school. The plan is to take up urban planning, which is a year course, and also attain a certificate in real-estate. This, as I have learned falls in line with all three areas that I’m again, most passionate about, ‘Architecture,’ ‘Interior Designing,’ and ‘Development.’