Case Study #1-Mahamadou Abdou


In the discrepancy of the concrete mixture, there were many problems that the architect had to face both with the owner and superintendent of construction. The architect had a required amount of cement to use within the concrete to follow building code. Though the owner went behind the architects back to decrease the cement content of the concrete to save money. The superintendent of the construction should have been using the right amount of cement but he was cheating with the owner’s knowledge. This could be dangerous for the support of the house and the architect could get in huge trouble if something was to go wrong in the future.

As a professional architect we prioritize public safety when designing a project so the architect should hold off on the signing the contractor’s requisition. The contract between the owner and the architect was broken by the owner during the construction of the house. The architect should act so that his career is not in jeopardy. The solution in the architects’ cause should be to report the problem to DOB. Also report to the construction company so that everybody is well-informed or aware of the problem.

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  1. I fully support that you understood the importance of the superintendent not following the right amount due to the owner, which is true. Im glad that you decided and thought the architect should take it to legal matter of this discrepancy.

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