Zhenhao’s Dream Career 

Arch 4861

Professor: Barbara Smith Mishara

      It was a rainy morning, I was on the way to an interview for National Portfolio Day. I walked alone on the street Trees were swinging their arms while the trees showed its power. The world was gloomy and humid. At the same time, rains were brutally stabbing on my uncovered skin. I felt cold and trembling to hold my drawings. There were f water collar paintings in my bag, I put those in two plastic bags and tightly held in front of my chest. It was cold, I could not feel the wind blowing on my face anymore as I was anesthetized. I always believe knowledge can change destiny. I was born in a warm family, in our generation, every step is arranged by the original track. Unlike our lovely elders, all my brothers, sisters, and cousins have all received college education. We are like formatting tools form a part of today’s vast society. 

  I was an art student before, that experience gave me a lot of unique ideas and feelings about aesthetics. Before I had the opportunity to enter a university, I have systematically studied art for 14 years. During High school, the after school dream catcher program became my rarely happy hour. Then I was fortunate to be accepted and became a member of the Cooper Union Saturday Portfolio program. The first time, I knew about architecture and corroborated with architecture students to work on our portfolio.

   There are not too many chances in front of a nuclear formating society. The most rebellious thing I did was come to America. I don’t know the road ahead. But, one of my brothers has an example, who is an architect working in a real estate company called YHIA(炎黄国际 projects: as a design director in China. He is so much better than me. Basically, I will continue my studies and work till I become an AIA registered license architect. 

  For 3 years of college experience, I am still not defeated by complicated tasks. Instead, I found the most precious thing in my life, which is critical thinking and thinking independently. Now, the problem seems still to be endless. However, I enjoyed the process of solving the overcome problems. After suffering those problems, I gradually have the motivation to solve problems and continue learning. Time is limited, but I will still do my best to implement my infinity ideas. Indeed, creativity is my biggest resource. For a limited time, I want to make more sense for myself and this society.   Wherever I go, I always want to contribute my ideas and I hope to make more value for myself and others. During this process, I will always keep an eye to observate, to study and to experience, whether the environment is being forward or backward. I will focus on the next ten years and then make the decision. As my grandmother said: “be prepared to welcome the future.” I WILL FIND MY STRENGTH AND AIM THE MARKET TO BECOME A SCARCE RESOURCE IN SOCIETY. 

Submitted by Zhenhao Huang

February 3rd, 2020 



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