Dream Career- Madelyn Valenzuela

As a student in high school, I knew I wanted to design and build homes but did not have the knowledge of what that career was. I later found out what architecture entailed and became fascinated with the idea of pursuing it as a career. A few years later, I find myself with only two semesters left until I earn my degree in architectural technology. Along the way, I found a deep interest in sustainability, landscape architecture and conservation of our environment and wildlife. I’ve been trying to find a way to weave these careers into one so that I can use my abilities to help our planet and its inhabitants in the best way possible.

Case Study 1- Madelyn Valenzuela

As a professional, the responsibilities of an architect is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public. The problem with case study #1 is that the concrete content does not meet the strength required by specifications and the local building code. The owner/developer and the construction company are aware of this problem but are willing to overlook it to save money. The architect is required to certify the contractor’s requisition before receiving payment. The architect should not certify the contractor’s requisition for the concrete work unless it meets the strength standards required. The architect should report the contractor and developer to the department of buildings so that this situation has no chance of reoccurring. Although the developer/contractor were okay with compromising the safety, health and welfare of the public, the architect should never allow that to happen in their profession. Moreover, they should always report anyone who is or intends to risk the public’s safety. If the architect decides to certify the requisition, they are liable for anything that happens due to the concrete strength of the structural system.