Xhulja Ponari_My Dream Career

At a very young age I expressed my interest towards visual arts and especially towards the process of drawing. Now, I feel like that was the sign for me to start studying architecture. Putting things together, creating and using a graphic language gives me joy and motivates me to be more innovative. I am not sure if I would be able to define my dream career, but I know for a fact that following my passion for building design and being a sensitive architect will make my dream career become true.

Our personalities and professional careers are most of the time married together and have a really close relationship. I grew up in a different country than USA where opportunities for education, jobs, or general development were a privilege, so I developed a strong work ethic that still helps me to be recognized and appreciated.

My dream career is related with the architecture major for sure, but that does not mean being an architect necessarily. My goal is to set new standards on the field that will eventually be my future career. I think it is really important to be focused on a special aspect of the wide range of architecture (e.g. even if you are just a drafter, make sure to be focused and be the best drafter). On my opinion, this would be archived with hard work, determination, and the most important part is learning from your mistakes. My aspiration is to be bold and not afraid to fail.

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