Case Study: Non-Essential Construction Halt

Case Study: Governor Cuomo Halts All non-Essential Construction in NY
Group 4: Marleni Gomez, Xhulja Ponari, Cinthia Gallardo, Diego Madera

As an architect or project manager this will mainly affect the project schedule. Project dates will be setback without a known updated date. In contract A201 8.3, it states that the contract time can be extended by the architect through a Change Order. Unfortunately, in a situation like this the architect will not have a specific date of when work can resume and will have to assume a future date. Due to project schedule changes, payments will also be delayed. Any amount of time that passes during a project can affect the the budget that was agreed on. Materials and other necessities for a project can increase or decrease during an unpredictable time like this. As a firm owner, we would be concerned about lack of income to the firm. We would still need income to pay for things like insurances and a lawyer on retainer.

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