My Dream Career


My dream career centers around an elective course I recently studied. My discovery of sustainability made me rethink the career I wanted to participate in. While taking this sustainability course I learned about new possibilities that I could potentially experience. Sustainability in architecture is something that I am still learning and would like to continue studying post-graduation. I would also like to apply sustainability in my remaining design courses. 


Being in New York City proves to have its many benefits such as the implementation of innovative technology that can be used to create sustainable buildings. Not only do I want to learn and apply this knowledge; I also want to teach it to the next generation. Stressing the importance of this information will continue to positively impact our world. It would be interesting to meet new people related to this field that can talk about their own experiences.


I like to keep my options open so I am able to learn and try new things. This is what builds experience and will help to know whether I truly enjoy something or not.  I find that I like many aspects of sustainability in architecture but I would not limit myself to just learning about this topic. 


                                                                                     – Shabana Rahim

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Fernando’s Dream Career

As a senior, I’ve come to terms that there are many options regarding the field of Architecture. In a city like New York, the opportunities vary and are very competitive. At this stage of my life I am more than familiar with what I exceed at and lack skills for, but I still perceive and remain optimistic. Luckily I’ve had experience under my father’s Millwork company through the years and learned a lot first hand how it works in the field compared to student work. Some of the lessons are communication, time management, strong work ethic, and optimism. 

For my career I plan to remain in the city and gain experience through small firms that based themselves in construction management (contractors), interior design and renovations. I enjoy being on site working with other professionals and not only assure progress but gain knowledge in the process. Working on commercial related sites is more interesting to me than focusing on residential apartments and houses. My dream is to continuously meet others related to the field and work together to continue improving the New Yorker lifestyle, one or many locations at a time. 

As a contractor/architect, not only I dream of being more than economically stable, but leading the way and setting the standard as a unique firm. In New York City, there’s constant projects happening daily regarding my field. The dream is realistic because of the significant need to change certain spaces while applying new aesthetics and following complex designs to improve people’s lifestyle.

Dream career – designing new public housing

I guess all my life I never really thought about where I would get a job, mostly if I could get a job. I never really had a dream career in mind until started learning about architecture here in citytech.  And as the years have gone by with all the projects I’ve done, I’ve noticed that I’ve really been more passionate towards improving public housing here in New York.

I’ve done researched about the public housing here in New York and I seen that not much has been done to really improve it. Even the organization NYCHA has done little to nothing to fix this issue and they’ve been working on this for the past couple of decades.

Two of my biggest projects that I have worked on were very well received by my professors and those invited for the presentations. Both projects were aimed towards improving public housing by creating more apartments with better living condition. I’ve seen the living conditions that most people have been forced to live in and it’s really heartbreaking which is why I wanted to work towards fixing it.


Dream Job in the Building Industry

I think everyone heard about the phrase “it’s not a job if you love what you do” or something very similar when growing up. They tell you it’s all about knowing oneself and understand it to find true passion and your dream job, which will make the work less boring and when you start to enjoy it, a job will no longer be a mandatory thing. I don’t like this quote but none the less I try and look into myself to see what I like and what am I not good at.

In the field of architecture or the building industry, in general, I had realized I’m not a very creative person, in many cases, I had struggled to get the idea across and figure out what I was doing in design classes, which make the experience, not as fun or enjoyable as people imagine, however, I don’t dislike the drawing part of a project. I’ll be clear, I don’t like designing the façade but I do like planning out the interior and leading to the drawing, the plan, section, elevation, I think it’s a fascinating way to see a building and how its constructed as well as learning how it affects people’s mood when entering a certain space. I also really like the animation and building technology that goes into the project. I enjoy a lot of classes like animation, fabrication, and building technology, for me the dream job would be something that can let do rendering, planning, drafting drawings, and fabrication of the material. I don’t have a direct passion but so far, I’m working toward this goal in my mind at the same time trying everything new and experiencing it to the fullest.

Dream Career_Sharif Aris

Every child is asked from age groups running from six to seven years old. Our overseers believe we are old enough to understand careers surrounding us and are taught what the job of these basic careers will comply to. And it’s still unbelievable that even know children are still not knowledgeable about many careers for them to succeed or make a mark. How can you teach about construction workers like Bob the Builder and not say who actually designed the structure. You teach about teachers and yet don’t teach who leads the teachers.

When asked in my premature age, I could never give a significant answer due to confusion. So I sought to become a nurse, only to join the wave of my family members are in to the medical field, why not me too. Truthfully, the thought of someone else’s blood touching me gave me the creeps. Then, I would chose other careers like a dance instructor, political lawyer or even a sports player, in that order. In my senior year of junior high school, during high school selection time, I chose a high school as my first choice which I never heard back from. While all of my friends were getting acceptance letter, I was still waiting and I begun to get nervous. Several people may whats about to happen all luck but that was blessing in disguise. A black and white printed paper with the High School I attended a year later, called City Polytechnic High School of Technology, Engineering and Architecture. It was then I discovered what Architecture was and my choice to pursue it.

I later understood that I didn’t just chose Architecture but it chose me as well. I was a natural as my Professors in high school would describe to me. Only thing is, it is now that I do not want to be an Architect. I cannot see myself spending hours behind a desk in enclosed places. I thought I wanted to master all three significant fields of Architecture, Construction Management and Interior Designer and to own my own firm. I can specifically pinpoint the specific name for it but Interior Design and Construction is growing on me. So, I’ll see on the site – my future Architects.

The position I would like in the building industry or my dream job would have to be working for a firm that specializes in the design of commercial buildings. I have always liked spaces that a multitude of people could live under rather than residential or small-scale buildings. Most of my favorite buildings are commercial and institutional. The reason I envision myself in this part of the building industry is because I see more potential for employment and self-development. I want to ultimately specialize in MEP Building Systems and work as specialist. I have already planned out my post-college career in order to facilitate my entry into this field. In addition to what I specifically want to focus on, my next goal after graduating is to gain experience and become a licensed architect.
The reason why I want to design for larger commercial buildings is because of their more complex nature and they are more impressionable when completed. The awe of observing these successfully built structures remains decades after completion. There is economic opportunity in MEP and building systems because there are always issues that occur and because of technology, new and improved iterations come about. As mentioned in page 25 of the reading “Mechanical systems are about the most demanding in terms of first cost, operating cost, and space required (both for the central equipment and the distribution systems).” It goes on to say how the HVAC system and its controls are the topics that building users usually complain about the most. Architects rarely hear that “this building is very comfortable, never too hot too cold, or too drafty”. I want to be considerate in my designing and communication with other professionals in order to design successfully.

My Dream Career

Luis Alava

Dream Career

When I was a kid, my favorite toys to play with were Lego blocks. I used to spend hours just exploring and building anything with those blocks. I felt free and happy just imagining all the possibilities I could create. As I was growing up, I learned that my father was an architect. At first, I didn’t understand what an architect did, but as time went by, I was intrigued by the drawings and the “real-life” construction work he was involved in. This was as exciting as playing with Lego blocks.

Then, in November of 1999, my family and I decided to start a new life here in New York City; I was 10 years old. As a kid, I managed to adjust accordingly to this new lifestyle. But unfortunately, my father’s case was not the same. As an architect not from the United States, my father had a horrible transition. He was no longer working in his field, and the change in language hit him the hardest.

Coming from a Spanish-speaking country, Ecuador, we had to learn a new language, a new culture and eventually new laws. My father had to work in factories and couldn’t practice his profession as he did in Ecuador. This change in life also changed my education and interests. I was no longer just interested in one thing, but instead, I found myself liking different areas of studies, such as; science, psychology, math, etc. Sadly, architecture was no longer a priority for me.

As time went by, I decided to study civil engineering. Unfortunately, it wasn’t my best interest. Instead, I ended up switching majors a few times, leaving school for a few years, and later come back in 2017 to finish my degree at City College in New York, in Bachelor of Science with a Psychology major. At this point, I was an adult still trying to figure out what to do with my life. Then, in the same year, I realized that I had neglected my original career path, just to explore different areas of study. So, in Fall 2017, I decided to enroll at the New York City College of Technology, in the Architectural Technology program. This was the only way to start from zero, a new career path, and become what I always wanted since I was a kid, a Licensed architect. City Tech has given me the tools and education needed to reach my goal. Semester by semester the professors and the education I had, has inspired me and made me more passionate about the profession.

As a 30-year-old man, my dream career has changed a few times. After going through many loops in life, I believed I am finally on the right path. After completing my degree at City Tech, my next step would be to work at an architecture firm and continue my education towards a Master of Architecture (M. Arch.). Then, after a few years of experience and some exams, I would apply for the architecture license and eventually work towards my goal of owning a firm. This dream career has been in my mind ever since I began playing with Legos, and even though the path has not always been straight, it is never too late to follow your dreams, especially if you know the dream is worth waiting for. The key is patience.

Dream Career_Michael WuFeng

Choose a career is an important thing for everyone. Because once the occupation is determined, the occupation will affect the rest of the lifetime. When I was in elementary school, I was fantasizing that I becoming a professional person who likes the character in the drama which I saw, such as a business tycoon who graduating from MBA, a doctor who saves people’s life by sacrificing his personal life. What impressed me most was the low-key and creative architectural designer in the Hongkong drama, so I became a student in architecture today.
As a current student in the architecture department, when I learned some knowledge of architectural design, I felt that I was more willing to become a residential designer or interior designer. In my understanding, a house is an important place for people and symbolizes the integrity of a family. Becoming a residential designer can design a warm space for people and let them enjoy the happiness that this space brings to them. I hope when I become a designer in the future, I can learn about different cultures from the clients through the conversation, and integrate their cultural characteristics element into the design. Let people have a higher sense of belonging to the house. If I become a residential designer or interior designer, I think I would like to see people smile when they live in the house I designed, and their smiles will become my motivation.

Dream Career

Being an architecture student takes a lot of dedication. You have to put in work, effort, and perseverance. Thankfully I’m almost done with college this being my last year of it but, in the future, I would like to go forward with my education and go to grad school seeking to pursue my masters in Urban Design. 

Urban Design focuses on creating new, equitable, beautiful, and sustainable forms of technology to make cities more functional and better equipped for anybody who lives there. It would be my dream to work in an architecture office in New York City, London or Singapore some of the busiest cities in the world. Where I could have a position in which I can create positive contributions in cultural, technological, and environmental engagements. Making cities and urban life better is beneficial for everyone because it could mean a safer more productive way of living and to me, that’s important as a New Yorker and future architect.

My Dream Career

Growing up as children, we are asked the question of “What is your dream?” or “What do you want to be when we grow up?”. We respond with things like dentist, doctor, president, astronaut etc. However, it comes to a point where we reach high school and start becoming more mature and responsible young adults and finding out what our passions are and what career we would like to pursue in the future. I never knew I would find interest in the field of architecture until after graduating from high school. Most of my friends were into things like becoming a professor, nurse, accountant and other careers. However, those weren’t really my interests. Growing up I was always surrounded by technology and computers and video games. Not only did I enjoy gaming as a hobby and a passion, but it also gave me an interest to learn more about computers and technology. While in high school, during the weekends, I would enjoy going out to the city and visit different buildings with my friends. Looking at the level of detail and materials that were used and how the layout of the rooms were gave me an introduction to architecture.

Throughout my 4 years of being an architecture student and learning new things that I did not know before. Interior designer has sparked my interest the most of what I want to pursue as a career. Other students choose drawing or drafting. However, I have practiced sketching a lot in my 4 years and a little during my free time outside of school. Drafting and sketching is not a strength of mine. Interior design speaks more to me. Not only getting to decide on the layout and making the building or house more brighter and elegant, but rendering and adding materials is very exciting. Another thing that got me interested in Interior design is watching shows on the HGTV like Fixer Upper and others. The shows include how the furnish and decorate the room as well as selecting the materials and show renderings too. In Design 5 you are also taught about interior design and that class also got my interest. My professor loved both my projects and I displayed my creativity and ideas really well. Hopefully after graduating in June, I will be able to find starting jobs that are computer based and then later move up to working in a firm. Interior design is something I know I will enjoy for many years and later teach my experience to the newcomers in the future