ARCH 4861 Spring 2020

My dream career will be to find a job that relates to my major field. For  instance, it should be about design, drawing, model making, construction, acoustic and lighting, spaces, visual programs or landscaping. I’m willing to have a job that will allow me to learn and enjoy it at the same time. A workplace where the environment could be  very positive full of good vibes. It also makes me feel if I was home, where people treat each other as if they were their family members. I want a job that could help me grow as a person. Since I want to expand my levels as an architect.

In order to be able to accomplish my dream career I need to keep studying hard and do my best in school. So that I can graduate and get a Diploma. After graduating from college, I’m willing to find an internship job to gain experiences in the architecture field. Then, get my architect license. I’m planning to get a master degree in design or educational architecture. Probably, if i go for the MA in educational architecture, I will see if I can also get a PHD in architecture.  I know that while I’m preparing myself I will find many jobs, but not my dream which I believe will be when I completely finish with school. In the meantime, the jobs i get during the process to get my dream job, I will work as good as i can to make my job environment to be as dream it to be. Until I get my dream job.

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