Case Study #2

The collapse happens due to the amount of people that were in the party, the floor slab was overloaded.  The situation could have been avoided if there would have been a sign referring people that the room was designed for meetings only. Also, there should be another sign implying the maximum live load allowed in the space.  To investigate this case I will propose to find out first what caused  the collapse, what were the maximum people allow to occupy  the space, the durability of the materials used to build  this building, I will look through the specifications and structural plans to see if there’s any update or changes that could affect or exceed the DOB regulations.

Case Study #1 Assignment

I believed the responsibilities of an architect in this situation should be to report the incident to whoever is mainly in  charged. In the meantime, the architect shouldn’t receive any money until the problem gets solved and until the work is completely done. As a licensed architect your responsibilities is to provide welfare and safety to the public. The architect job is to build sustainable and functional building that give your client stability and fully security. No construction staff, clients, or any other should be putting their life at risk or get injured by Incompetent work. The case study called “Discrepancy in Concrete Mixture” stated that the owner could possibly knew from the beginning what the superintendent construction  was doing with the cement. Due to the owner reaction when the architect addressed the problem to it. The owner seems not to be so surprised about what was happening. Indeed, the architect should take a right decision when it comes to this type of cases. No architect could get monetarily convinced to proceed with a construction when the concrete is in this condition. 

ARCH 4861 Spring 2020

My dream career will be to find a job that relates to my major field. For  instance, it should be about design, drawing, model making, construction, acoustic and lighting, spaces, visual programs or landscaping. I’m willing to have a job that will allow me to learn and enjoy it at the same time. A workplace where the environment could be  very positive full of good vibes. It also makes me feel if I was home, where people treat each other as if they were their family members. I want a job that could help me grow as a person. Since I want to expand my levels as an architect.

In order to be able to accomplish my dream career I need to keep studying hard and do my best in school. So that I can graduate and get a Diploma. After graduating from college, I’m willing to find an internship job to gain experiences in the architecture field. Then, get my architect license. I’m planning to get a master degree in design or educational architecture. Probably, if i go for the MA in educational architecture, I will see if I can also get a PHD in architecture.  I know that while I’m preparing myself I will find many jobs, but not my dream which I believe will be when I completely finish with school. In the meantime, the jobs i get during the process to get my dream job, I will work as good as i can to make my job environment to be as dream it to be. Until I get my dream job.