Case Study #1 _Sharif Aris

The owner took it upon themselves to cheat the cement content of the concrete without the Architects knowledge. Thus, saving money but compromising the strength of the concrete. The Architect then making a discovery of the betrayal of ethics, and swiftly having a discussion with the owner. Only to make a conclusion that this cheating on the concrete was purposely done.

As the professional oath, taken by the Architect to protect public health, safety and welfare of others. In this case, to re-frame from the Architect being liable for the signage of the requisitions provided by the owner and contractor, they should not sign off on the concrete work. Next step, reporting to their bosses of this potential motives which is a danger to the structural system. Taking further actions by reassuring that the independent contractors company is licensed under the state laws, if not reporting of unlawful professional claims and the cheating to DOB. Also, informing lawyers that the owner was in breach of contract under the form of agreement between owner and Architect of AIA forms during the construction of the house.

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