Dream Career

For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to become an Architect, so I can design houses and buildings. Thinking back I remember that my uncle had introduced architecture to me. He talked about his experiences and projects he has worked on. When I started high school and I met lots of people with different plans and dreams. My dream career went from becoming a teacher, to a doctor, then to a beautician, and a few others that I don’t remember. Towards the end of ninth grade my math teacher assigned us a project where we picked a bridge in NYC and researched it and built it out of wooden dowels. I partnered up with my best friend who was also interested in Architecture. Working with her I learned a lot about architecture, I also learned a lot about the hard work that people put into designing and building the Brooklyn Bridge from our project. That project made my dream of wanting to design structures a lot stronger.

During my first semester of college I was introduced to Zaha Hadid. After lots of research I fell in love with almost all of her work and her journey to becoming an Architect. Whenever I spoke about wanting to study architecture, eyebrows would raise and questions such as “isn’t that mostly a male’s profession?”, were asked. I feel like Zaha Hadid paved a way for females to get into this profession without being judged by their gender because of her great work. NYC may be a great city for opportunities and what not, but I believe it lacks variety. I believe that many of today’s projects and the future projects are mostly modern architecture. I’m very fascinated by Islamic, Baroque, Gothic, Victorian, Classical etc. architecture more than modern architecture. I want to design structures that display both modern and older architecture styles. So, for my dream career I would love to become a designer. 

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