Clemson Floor Collapse

If I was investigating the cause of this collapse, I would first need to gather information from the South Carolina DOB. Documents such as job filings, violations, list of inspections, and other pre-construction and current modification documents on file. From looking at the certificate of occupancy, I have gathered that due to the exceeding amount of people in the space, the floor trusses failed. The owner takes responsibility for making sure that the number of guests does not exceed the maximum occupancy.

Dream Career

For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to become an Architect, so I can design houses and buildings. Thinking back I remember that my uncle had introduced architecture to me. He talked about his experiences and projects he has worked on. When I started high school and I met lots of people with different plans and dreams. My dream career went from becoming a teacher, to a doctor, then to a beautician, and a few others that I don’t remember. Towards the end of ninth grade my math teacher assigned us a project where we picked a bridge in NYC and researched it and built it out of wooden dowels. I partnered up with my best friend who was also interested in Architecture. Working with her I learned a lot about architecture, I also learned a lot about the hard work that people put into designing and building the Brooklyn Bridge from our project. That project made my dream of wanting to design structures a lot stronger.

During my first semester of college I was introduced to Zaha Hadid. After lots of research I fell in love with almost all of her work and her journey to becoming an Architect. Whenever I spoke about wanting to study architecture, eyebrows would raise and questions such as “isn’t that mostly a male’s profession?”, were asked. I feel like Zaha Hadid paved a way for females to get into this profession without being judged by their gender because of her great work. NYC may be a great city for opportunities and what not, but I believe it lacks variety. I believe that many of today’s projects and the future projects are mostly modern architecture. I’m very fascinated by Islamic, Baroque, Gothic, Victorian, Classical etc. architecture more than modern architecture. I want to design structures that display both modern and older architecture styles. So, for my dream career I would love to become a designer. 

Case Study 1

In Case Study 1 the Architect has been assigned a project by a client who has a private construction company. The issue with that is that the client and the construction company are trying to cheat the architect. They are removing some of the cement from the concrete mixture to reduce cost.

The Architect should tell the contractor about the client’s scheme. That’s because as an Architect we have to follow and oversee a certain set of codes, one being a code that has to do with the strength of concrete. Architect’s also have to make sure that the project they are designing protects the health, welfare and safety of the public.