jennifer reyes_Clemson case study

If I was investigating the cause of the floor collapse the information i would need is:

  • the legal capacity of the room
  • has the structure been changed?
  • what are the original plans or specification?
  • what was the live load of the room where the floor collapsed

I believe the person could be held responsible is the owner for not being aware of what was happening in his building. A party was being held  in a room that designed to be a meeting room. however the owner could decided whether change the purpose of that room. There the architect and the structural engineer would be held responsible for not building a safe steady building. basically for not thinking what else the room could be used for.


Jennifer Reyes Case study #1

In this case study, the owner went behind the architect’s back and decided to change the concrete with the independent construction company superintendent. That way the owner enjoyed all the money that was being saved without the architecture knowledge. Which that would be the problem if anything happens to the house or project the architect would be held accountable. This is mainly because the responsibility of the architect has always been to protect the health, welfare and the safety of the public.

So what I believe the first thing the architect should do is not sign off on the concrete that is being used. Then report to the department of building what that the construction company is using cheap or “lighter” concrete on the project that way they could be in charge of looking into it and make sure everyone that is in the project is doing everything correctly. That way the architect isn’t held accountable for any damage that may occur in the future.

Jennifer Reyes “Dream Career”

When I was in High School I truly never knew what kind of career I wanted. I just knew that I did not want to be someone’s employee at a draining job, working from 8 am to 6 pm schedule. When I started to learn about architecture I saw I interesting, new, creative, and diverse. Little by little I knew that being able to learn all the skill sets from studying an architect major would eventually lead me to clearly find what kind of career I wanted. Including how all these sets of skills could lead me to have my own business and have a creative exciting career.

Well first no I don’t just want to be an architect. I want to build a career first in animation. All those rendering, applying materials playing to see a project that is not yet built but bring it into life through animation. I found it fascinating and it would not be boring because that was the creative side of the job would come in. I would mainly like to work on residential buildings, urban projects, parks, stuff like that reasoning being is because commercial building seems more technical. Have a lot more regulation codes and laws to follow. Even though the residential project still has these regulations, laws, and codes it still not as much.

Another job I would like the have is in an interior design office. That way I learn all the ways an interior designer works, think and finishes their project. Even though it won’t be any different from what I have learned in design class. I know that in an office like this I would learn the reality of how one is supposed to work in the field. Eventually, I want to open an office/ company that works on interior design renovation and a whole other construction company which I know is a whole other certification I might need. So, I don’t think I have one specific career I have multiple but I believe they all work with each other.