Dream Career

Ever since I was in middle school, I have always loved to draw and create things to the point I even started to get involved with the school’s theater club and worked on making sketches to create there sets for their plays. Then when I got to high school, I took an art class that thought me many things from working with paint to clay modeling and crochet, I love that class. Finally made it out of high school and had to decide what was going to be my career move, it got serious! So, I thought to myself what I want to do with my life, I loved art, so I knew I wanted to do something with in that field and then found Architecture.

Architecture is a field that includes everything I love doing, especially because it evolves creating  or remodeling things. Throughout my four years studying architecture I have learn a lot, I have not only acquire knowledge about the profession itself but also life lessons, like when the professor crush your spirit because they know can create something better learn that one in Design 2, It was a very good class. But this happens a lot but now to the main question “What’s my dream job?”.

My dream is to work for an architecture or construction firm where I can learn and work on different projects from residential to commercial to even do some interior design and stage design if possible, I want to work for a company where there is opportunity for growth and a sense of unity with in its staff, where employs help each other out and teach each other things, instead of always just been a competition about who’s better at doing things. I would like to have a decent salary that is enough to cover my living expenses and also have some savings and job that offers benefits besides from a good salary, such as health insurance, etc. I would also like to branch out at some point of my life an explore construction management. In other words, my dream job would be to work for an office where I’m able to do and learn a little bit of everything in the architecture world from designing, drafting to seeing how the projects are being constructed. That would be my dream job.

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