My Dream Job: Marleni Gomez

At almost every point in my life I have had many dreams and desires. That is how ended up in City Tech taking Architectural Technology. It seemed like the best way to start the path to a future I wanted.

I dream to have my own business/firm sooner rather than later in life; to have a company that has the whole package, all in one. I want to work with all those involved in a project, not just the design. I am fascinated by the people, the construction, the legal elements, the management, the entire process. To draw in to a specific job is difficult because I would be happy to to work almost anywhere. There is so much to learn outside of the classroom scenario, that almost any job title would help me further my ultimate dream.

Originally I wanted to be an Architect for the sake of it, but after every semester in this program, I have learned so much more is possible in this career path. My ultimate dream career has been molded and become more clear and yet still so much unknown. I can say for a fact that I do not enjoy the design aspect nearly as much as I enjoy the technical.

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