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Amoni B: Homework redo – PetchaKutcha slides only

Card Read: Where us arrogance affecting you? How has it clouded how you think about your problem.

I would not like to revisit the actual presentation but I do believe I could have done better. My presentation was on Arduino in general. I did not practice outlaid or time myself prior to speaking. The arrogance I had because I thought I knew the subject so well caused me not to think I need practice and much research. I ended up using some filler words and not be as prepared for the timing. I would also like to fix the intro and ending slide, as per critique.

Previous Homework link:

Here is the new slides:

Amoni’s Arduino – PetchaKucha Presentation

PS: has such arrogance caused me not to do a new topic. idk 😉

Mike Lecolant: Final Project

My proposal for my final project would be an RPG style mobile game focusing on superheroes.  The player would be able to create and customize their own super hero including appearance, outfits and super powers. You will also be able to team up with other players to form squads and participate in missions together.  Players can also customize their home base where they will access new missions from.  This game will not only focus on fun gameplay but will have a heavy focus on story and narrative, something that not all mobile games really focus on.

Links for inspirational projects

The Mass Effect series

Ultimate Spider Man: Total Mayhem

Clash of Clans

Ryan C. final Project Proposal

My proposal for my final project would be an art canvas that uses motion graphics and 3d mapping to create works of art. The user would be able to manipulate a projected canvas either through the input of the body or a device that  has multiple functions such as a brush, pen, or spray can. The user would also be able to animate objects they create by creating the objects and effects separately. Imagine being able to create a mural on a wall that has motion imbedded in it. It could also be used to teach and instruct beginners in making art with tutorials.


target: artists of all disciplines and children

similar to: projection mapping and motion graphics






Andrew J. Charles: Final Project

A Detective Mystery with Horror and Intrigue! With so much to offer!

For people who love elements of mystery, action, adventure, comedy-horror, sci-fi with a pinch of romance added in the stew of this story! In the style of an RPG comic/radioplay.

The project I had in mind was an idea for a comic I was thinking of planning, back in Kingsborough in the school’s comic book club when I was a writer. I would like to make a game version to see if it could work or not. The game’s genre is a Mystery, Horror, RPG game with action/adventure elements. This could work for both an app for a comic book story telling or a console game for a story based element as a throwback to radioplays. Each version will be different in their own way.

The plot of the game is that you play as a Detective in the 1930s during the depression, who ACTS like a hard-boiled detective at times including with inner monologuing to pass the time to make work interesting. In reality you are just a hard working person who is trying to support his daughter who is in boarding school that has a strained relationship with her. One day you get a strange call about a case that seems too supernatural for it to be normal, which thus kicks off the story.

Solve Mysteries from rumors, to urban legends and history!
Fight Monsters inspired by H.P. Lovecraft and many from various mythologies and beyond!
Learn and Earn the many items and weaponary also magic you gain!
A comic AND radioplay telling in the style of 1930s Radioplays
Puzzles you can use to help you on your quest!
Many more things!

Shadow Hearts series :
Problem Sleuth :
Penny Arcade Adventures
Bandit Nation/Mafia Wars
Parasite Eve
H.P.Lovecraft :
Professor Layton
DanganRonpa 1 & 2
Golden Age & Silver Age Comics
Earthbound/MOTHER series
Final Fantasy

Ryan Yip: Final Ideation

Oculus Rift Project

Project Rakuen is a game where a player wears an oculus rift to view the game world while in flight. Flying will be controlled by either a mouse and keyboard or a custom controller. The game will feature fantasy elements and beautiful environments. Online interactions and events will also be present in the game.

Inspired by: minusT’s 3d Touhou animations, Sword Art Online

Tucker Oculus rift final project

I want to design a program/ mobile app for the Oculus Rift and it would be able to put you in the world of a favorite character. It will also feature an open community for designers where they can design their favorite characters world and then upload it. It will be for the Oculus Rift but based off of a mobile app.


Alessandro Lombardo Jr : Final Project Idea

Point to Point storytelling

Target: People who travel through there hometown for work or going out for fun

Features: Track your position through out your daily life. At certain points in your travel you could create a random story line. You can save this travel path with the story which other people can travel along this path and once they finish it they could add on there own story.

Inspirational Links: 


Amoni B: Final Project Ideation

Public Real estate records information in realtime phone app

TARGET: with inquirers, agents, and investors


  • property records
  • directory that allows you to know licensed contractors, developers, and salespersons (realtors), banks, real private lendors, and
  • Users can upload recent images of the property (whether its horrible or renovated), update the condition and submit other updates for review, see ownership, lien status, contact owner
  • tour/3d

Similar to:

  1. Couny Clerk offfice – all written documents some in computers somewhere, geared towards all who inquire, most investors go there to buy, renovate, and rent oout or flip houses. As you can see the websit for this information is messed up: (click on city register)
  2. (property sales/rentals totgally user based content geared towards buyers nd investors)
  3. – shows some public information must pay to access all data
    • Detailed property information
    • Property ownership search
    • Foreclosures and pre-foreclosures
    • Properties for Sale
    • Property Maps
    • Property Values & Comparables
    • High resolution building photos
  4. – shows some public information must pay to access all data, better than property shark. ran by a banking company mainly for realtors