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Ryan C. final Project Proposal

My proposal for my final project would be an art canvas that uses motion graphics and 3d mapping to create works of art. The user would be able to manipulate a projected canvas either through the input of the body or a device that  has multiple functions such as a brush, pen, or spray can. The user would also be able to animate objects they create by creating the objects and effects separately. Imagine being able to create a mural on a wall that has motion imbedded in it. It could also be used to teach and instruct beginners in making art with tutorials.


target: artists of all disciplines and children

similar to: projection mapping and motion graphics






Ryan C mobile app draft

The mobile app draft I have in mind is A planner, calendar, and notebook all in one. The app will allow you to consolidate everything into one device. making less weight to carry as well as providing more organization. it will be able to store more than five notebooks. it will also allow you to store media inside the actual entries such as voice notes or pictures and links.


ryan C’s second proposal

User group:city officials and public citizens

design problem:Police brutality and accountability for their actions. although there have been instances where video was captured of the events prior to police brutality, they still only get a slap on the wrist in the court of law.

Motivation: The misuse of the law and even the obscurity of “justice”.

Over 1000 deaths by police officers occurred in 2014, more than the amount of soldiers killed in ONE of my deployment overseas during my time in the is also higher than the amount of death cause by measles ,maybe even HIV or cancer.

Solution: This device will not only give more accurate evaluation of an officers course of action but also provide much needed insight to how real life situations can be handled better and more effectively as an officer of the law.

Outcome: Given this type of what an officer would call surveillance, citizens could call it  a deterrent to the unnecessary loss of life. it will can also be used as evaluation and training tool to provide better training or protocol to which an officer handles situations that have led to deaths in the past, to provide better safety for it citizens that they’re supposed to be protecting.


Ryan C.’s Project Proposal

Tangible media/ design

well I’ve been thinking about wearable technology and a way that it would be helpful on many levels. since i was young I always wondered what if you could breath underwater. So this led me to the idea of my proposal of building a mask. This mask would operate like the gills of a fish,it could be used for many thing from exploration ,to construction,  to recreational use. With this mask you’d be able to live under water like a fish, unless you get hungry. these two video inspired my idea for underwater voyages