1/29: Intro & Setup


  1. Welcome & Syllabus distribution (student independently review)
  2. Introductions (whole class)
  3. Syllabus review (whole class)
  4. OpenLab sign-on/log-in
  5. Send me an email from gmail with your birthday dd/mm.

2: Introductions:
PART 1: Students will pair up in groups of two. Partner with someone you do not know! Each student will introduce themselves to their partner answering the following questions:
1) Name
2) Which component of Emerging Media interests you most and why: Tangible (physical computing), Computational (programming), or Design (visual/systems).
3) An interesting/crazy/mundane tidbit that took place during the break
4) For the Listener: Take note of the body language or gestures your partner makes while talking.

PART 2: Going around the room, students will introduce their partners.


DESCRIPTION: Students will write a 4 sentence mini-proposal on an interactive project (invention) they would like will create. Students will conduct casual research from one, or more, of the following websites as inspiration: (Creator’s Project, Eybeam.org). Students will post the links to 2 projects that inspired them. Students will categorize their proposal as being more: Tangible, Computational, or Design oriented.

  1. Title: “First Proposal: Name”
  2. Category (tangible, computational, design)
  3. Proposal Sentences
  4. Links to researched projects

DUE: Posted to blog Tues, Feb 3rd

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