4/28: Proposal Review


  • Remaining presentations
  • Discussion: Presentation process
  • Group Exercise: Reflective Questions


  • Jacob (Mike): Moodboards
  • Andrew & Ryan
  • LECTURE HOMEWORK: Past Homework re-do

    DESCRIPTION: Students will revisit a previous homework, answer some reflective questions (2-3 sentences per response), as well as re-do the chosen assignment. Student will post their responses to reflective prompts as well as their revisited homework assignment to the blog. DUE: Tuesday, May 5th
    Reflective prompts

  • Why did you choose this particular assignment to re-do. Was the assignment deficient in some way? Were you not able to dedicate the necessary time to the assignment?
  • In what ways was your performance lacking?
  • Response to the card received in class (A What on the Side of the Head)
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