2/5: Proposals II


  • Partnered work: Proposal Critique
  • Lecture: Moodboard & Photoshop Template

Partnered Work
Students will pair up in groups of 2/3, reading each other’s Proposal responses (use blog for access). Based on feedback, students will write a project description for their proposal. The proposal description will be apx 4-5 sentences in length. Resources for the proposal description will be 1) groupwork, 2) Ideation Sheet. The completed proposal description will be used in a finalized design document.


Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 8.06.01 AM

LAB HOMEWORK: Image Source Links

DESCRIPTION: Students will save the source links from found images and store them into the Image Attribution Sheet. These source links will later be transformed into proper Image Attributions.

  • Free use images via Creative Commons Search or Filtered Google Search (under usage rights, select ‘Free to use or share’).
  • Images must have the following: 1) Title, 2) Author, 3) License Type.


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