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Jacob Banschick – Group Petcha Kutcha Revision (Presentation Only)


1 – I chose to redo this assignment because I wasn’t satisfied with my performance. There are a few things that, looking back, I’d really wish I’d done differently. Not the least of which is all thanks to my lack of group speaking skills.

2 – Well first of all, my partner never showed up. Not a huge deal, I was able to carry on the assignment without him, but I’d prefer to have a partner were I to give the presentation again. Also, I seemed to come off as sheepish, and apologized for flubs as I was giving the performance. Most importantly however, I was apparently wearing my hood the entire time (which I don’t know how I didn’t even realize) and several students told me it was really distracting.

3 – Get Out of the Dogma House Everyone has externally imposed “shoulds” and values that influence their thinking. What dogma is clouding your mind?

Well, before the assignment, I tried to script the entire presentation in my head. The idea of doing a presentation without scripting it was foreign to me. Which, when I forgot a part of my mentally scripted presentation, left me without any way to recover. If I simply chose to not script my presentation, and instead gave a more natural, freestyle presentation after intimately familiarizing myself with the subject, I think it would have come off as much less awkward.


Jacob Banschick – Mobile Interface Draft

The internet’s a fantastic tool for completing work, homework, and assignments. Unfortunately, the internet’s also a really distracting place. It’s really easy to lose track of time when you’re just going to take only a few minutes to checkout facebook, or checkout an interesting topic on reddit. That’s why I propose an app that works like a snooze alarm for keeping you on track. Basically, Every few minutes or so (increments can be set by the user) an alarm chimes to remind you to stay on track, and get back to work.

Jacob Banschick – First Proposal

Category: Computational

Proposal: I propose a horror game that takes place somewhere less conventional than usual; within the dying harddrive of a computer. Players control an avatar and explore a confusing, glitch-filled environment, and all the surreal eldritch horrors it contains. The goal would be simple: to recover lost data. However, the deeper the players delve into world, the more surreal and complex the environment becomes.

Andrew J. Charles: Petcha Kutcha Revision

When I had first worked on the Petcha Kutcha slides and planning, I was really engaged on how it looked for the games I was talking about. Sure I could’ve talked more about them but I wanted to keep it brief. However when it turns out that I needed to do a 15 second timer switch, it was kind of disorienting to me. As such for the time I had invested on the speech was all for naught and that 15 seconds wasn’t enough for me to explain the main points of Art Games as much as I wanted to. Also the fact that the timer and slides kept moving so fast that the main topics and ideas were skipped. So I felt that maybe if I had a chance to explain through things thoroughly, with an acceptable time limit I would not only explain my topic but I would be able to go more into detail about the example for the chosen ideas.

For the card recieved in class it was ‘Dissatified’. It represents how dissatisfied I was for the plan I had in mind was just thrown away, from the idea I had in store originally. But replaced with something that was not really explained or had nothing in terms of similarities.