2/24: Milestones III



LECTURE HOMEWORK:  Mobile Interface Ideation

DETAILS: Designers will individually ideate for a mobile-based interactive experience, This homework assignment is in preparation for the upcoming unit ‘Deliverables’, in which students will create a paper, and then digital prototype consisting of 5 interaction screens representations. Students will complete a 2-3 sentence draft. DUE: Thursday, Feb 26th, 2015.


  • TITLE: “Name: Mobile Interface Draft”
  • Rough Draft: 2-3 Sentences mobile interface proposal


LAB HOMEWORK:  Work Breakdown Structure Instructables

DETAILS: Students will create a Work Breakdown Structure of an Instructables project of their choosing, 30 steps or more. Students will use Lucidchart and a tree structure diagram to create complete the assignment. DUE: Thursday, Feb 26th, 2015.

  • TITLE: “Name: WBS”
  • Link to Instructable
  • image post of WBS
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