3/10: Deliverables IV Post Motem


  • Usability Testing Methods
  • Deliverable Postmortem I (page 1 Ideation Sheet: Horizontal + Vertical Prototype)
  • Partnered Critique: Vertical Prototypes (page 4 Usability Testing Log)
  • DEMO Video: Usability Testing

    LECTURE HOMEWORK: Deliverable Postmortem II

    DESCRIPTION: Students will complete deliverable postmortem of their mobile application concept, using the Ideation Sheet: Horizontal + Vertical Prototype (also found in Google Drive folder: “IMT 1102 Global Files“. Each student should complete the hardcopy sheet; and return with it the following class. DUE: Thu, March 12th, 2015

  • Completed Ideation Sheet: Horizontal + Vertical Prototype
  • Hardcopy brought to following class
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