Monthly Archives: February 2015

Andrew J. Charles: Mobile Interface Draft

An idea I have for a mobile app that could be somewhat helpful and simple to use, the function that this app will serve is trying to be a sort of guide in terms of dire need. For example during the issue of an emergency where one can’t get connection/reception this app could serve as an emergency line for contact or will lead you to a location where you can get support.

Caryn Ramos: Mobile Interface Draft

I would like to propose a mobile app that helps a user keep track of all of their daily things to get done for that particular day. They are many people that would love this app because I know, like myself,  they have a very difficult time balancing everything. This app will consists of alerts, particular beeps, and many different things that will make this app interesting.

Amoni B: Mobile Interface Draft

Rough Draft:

I propose a mobile interface that keep track of you current classes. You will be able to input the classes you have, specify the time frame, create tasks for those classes and set alerts for your tasks. You will also be able to put grades you have gotten for those tasks, if any. It will be like blackboard but content is created by the user.