Presentation I


  • Lecture
  • Student form groups
  • Groups choose topics
  • Individuals choose topics


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LECTURE HOMEWORK : Individual Presentation

DESCRIPTION: Students will choose either a theme, creation/product, or individual/group/company related to Emerging Media Technology. Students will present their topic, in Petcha Kucha style, on Tuesday, AprilĀ 21st. 2015. (PresentationĀ Template available via Google Drive)
PARAMETERS: Presented: Tuesday, AprilĀ 21st. 2015

LECTURE HOMEWORK: Group Presentation

DESCRIPTION: In groups of two, students will present on a topic covered and practiced in the semester.
Topics to cover will be given by instructor. One topic per presentation. Presentations given Thursday, AprilĀ 23rd 2015. (PresentationĀ Template available via Google Drive)

  • Paper Prototypes
  • Ideation
  • Vertical & Horizontal Prototypes
  • Moodboards

TOPICS :Ā Individual & Group topics listed below



  • Al: Rapid Prototyping
  • Jacob:
  • Tucker: Facebook
  • Andrew: Art Games
  • Jacob:
  • Ryan C.
  • Mike:
  • Ryan Y: Source Filmmaker
  • Amoni: Arduino



  • Jacob & Mike: Topic
  • Amoni & Tucker: Moodboard
  • Al: Topic
  • Andrew & Ryan C:
  • Ryan Y

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