Jacob Banschick – Group Petcha Kutcha Revision (Presentation Only)


1 – I chose to redo this assignment because I wasn’t satisfied with my performance. There are a few things that, looking back, I’d really wish I’d done differently. Not the least of which is all thanks to my lack of group speaking skills.

2 – Well first of all, my partner never showed up. Not a huge deal, I was able to carry on the assignment without him, but I’d prefer to have a partner were I to give the presentation again. Also, I seemed to come off as sheepish, and apologized for flubs as I was giving the performance. Most importantly however, I was apparently wearing my hood the entire time (which I don’t know how I didn’t even realize) and several students told me it was really distracting.

3 – Get Out of the Dogma House Everyone has externally imposed “shoulds” and values that influence their thinking. What dogma is clouding your mind?

Well, before the assignment, I tried to script the entire presentation in my head. The idea of doing a presentation without scripting it was foreign to me. Which, when I forgot a part of my mentally scripted presentation, left me without any way to recover. If I simply chose to not script my presentation, and instead gave a more natural, freestyle presentation after intimately familiarizing myself with the subject, I think it would have come off as much less awkward.


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