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Alessandro Lombardo Jr : Final Project Idea

Point to Point storytelling

Target: People who travel through there hometown for work or going out for fun

Features: Track your position through out your daily life. At certain points in your travel you could create a random story line. You can save this travel path with the story which other people can travel along this path and once they finish it they could add on there own story.

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Al: Second Proposal

User Group:  Everyone

The idea I had was implementing breathalyzer car starters. The way it would work is once the driver of the car is in his or her car they would have to take a breathalyzer test before the car would start.

Design Problem: Drunk Drivers

I got this idea because I heard someone I use to work with say he was going out drinking with friends. I asked him if he was going to drive home, he say “No” . I then though about all those people who do decide to drive home drunk and how it could be prevented.

Motivation: Concern

I don’t drink, I have a lot of cousins and friends who do, and I always see the posters hanging up telling people not to do this. And I just though how many of those accidents could have been prevented if those drivers couldn’t even turn on they’re cars.

Solution: Placed in cars

My idea was to have these devices placed on the center console of every vehicle. this would be then attached to the vehicles starter system. The driver would then blow into the device to check their blood alcohol level. If the level is below the accepted rate then the car turns on normally, If not the car would not turn on. And then a local cab company would be alerted to the cars position, and a cab would go pick up the driver and his or her group.

Outcome:  Safer roads and less drunk driving accidents

First Proposal Lombardo Jr

Category – Computational

Proposal – For my project I would be creating a application game to be used on mobile devices. The object of this game would be to get the player from the start of the maze to the end of the maze. Once the player reaches the end enemies would spawn in random places along the map. The enemies would continue to spawn until the player crashes into the enemy in which the game starts all over again.

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